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  1. Apparently I didn't need help after all! Console just booted no problem when I attempted to boot it this time. So yeah.. 🤣
  2. So I have a Falcon that had been sitting in a box for a good while that is a failed Rgh 1.2 attempt from when I first was diving into console modding. Long story short, I didn't know what I was doing at that point and managed to mistakenly flash a nand dump that belonged to a different console. This wouldn't be a huge issue but I no longer have any of the nand dumps from back then thanks to my lovely wife deciding to wipe the desktops hdd without giving me any heads up. Fast forward to today, I've removed the 1.2 wiring and glitch chip, and done RGH 3 wiring. Console would boot xell, but the cpu key in xell was rejected in jrunner as the wrong cpu key. Is there any hope of this console booting a hacked dash? I've built a donor nand image in jrunner, but the console will not boot xell or a hacked dash after flashing this nand image. I thought that the cpu key given in xell would be the correct one, even though I mistakenly wrote the wrong nand image to the console forever ago? If not, is there any possible way of recovering the cpu key at this point, or am I totally up a creek? I do have a dump of the nand that would boot xell so I can at least fall back to that point, if it helps at all. Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to lend some advice.
  3. Its blocked through my router apparently. My apologies for my own ignorance here!
  4. heres a screen shot. Windows firewall is off, so that isnt the problem. Nor am I using a proxy. Suggestions?
  5. must be something on my end then. I keep getting the same network error message when I follow the link.
  6. the download link is dead? kinda in a bind without it on a falcon I'm in the middle of RGH 3 on without this version of JRunner.. The computer I had it saved to my wife decided to wipe the HDD without giving me any warning which has left me in a serious bind in many ways. Would someone please upload the most recent version to mega or another file share platform for me pretty please? thanks in advance!
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