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  1. Thank you, I am figuring you have done many more than I ever will.
  2. Thank you, this is the first console that has happened to me on. Kind of worried me a little bit.
  3. I have recently modded my first Corona. It was the 4gb v6. I am not having issues with booting, it works on first to second glitch every time. My issue is when the reset gets a pulse from the ACE chip, the xbox makes a high pitched sound like an old tube TV. I don't know if this is normal of the Corona, or if my reset wire may be hitting another contact. I just know I don't like high pitched sounds coming from my electronics, never been a good thing.
  4. You might want to try changing your timing file in your mod chip.
  5. Go into your settings on Aurora and see if you have an IP address starting with your routers standard. (192.168.0.? , 192.168.1.?) should be somewhere in that neighborhood, depending on your router brand.
  6. I take it you are using a thumb drive? I haven't seen a 32gb hdd in a long time. If you can get the drive to read properly on a computer, try backing it up and re-formatting it on the Xbox. Put your stuff back on the drive and check your file explorer in FSD to make sure your content is visible to your Xbox.
  7. Does your external drive show up under storage?
  8. Let me make sure I've got this straight, your games on an external gfs disappeared and your games on the internal drive are showing up, but loading the wrong game when you run them?
  9. I meant dashboard. Aurora, FSD 3, or are your games all GOD format loading off the main dashboard?
  10. You didn't update from XBL, did you?
  11. What dash are you using? Is the HDD 32 gb, or is that just what the Xbox is showing?
  12. If you're console isn't connected to the internet, make sure the date is set.
  13. I guess I will make an sd card like everyone else, I had to disconnect the reader before I could start the console. I soldered everything back in, after getting my cpu key. Now it freezes up trying to write back to the nand. Edit: Everything is done and working fine now. I was informed that the card reader has issues reading and writing, that is why she gave that one to me. I unplugged it and plugged it back in a few times and it worked. Thank you for your help.
  14. ok, thank you for your quick response. i got the nand dumped. i did one full dump and 2 normal dumps. i will hook up my ace chip when i get home tonight. i should have done that before i did the nand, but we all learn from our mistakes. sorry about being so cautious on this, but this is my first Corona board.
  15. I also don't know if the adapter will be drawing power from the NAND. This is the first one of these 4gb NAND systems I have ran into. It is a 360e console, I think a Corona v6. I read on many of these Corona's, you have to bridge a couple of the resistor points as well, would that be the case here?
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