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  1. its a modem and i am using wifi
  2. i dont know because my satellite box is also my internet supplier
  3. i tried everything you said wont work all the games are in the latest TU and the weird thing is that i can join rooms but cant see them in game and xbox unity doesnt show my when i am connected to the room and i can leave it but not join it
  4. insert my ip? do you mean to change 3071 to something else?
  5. DMZ HostThis page allows configuration of a specific network device to be exposed or visible directly to the WAN (public internet). This may be used when problem applications do not work with port triggers. Entering a "0" means there are no exposed hosts. thats what it says on the router
  6. What do you mean in the dmz?
  7. Hi when i use a static ip my link check fails with the ports and unable to connect to user but when i set it to automatic i can connect to link but cant see other pepoles rooms in games like the cod series and red dead redemption GOTY what to do? the ports are fowarded
  8. Yes it does but instead of 32gb it shows 349gb
  9. Yew i think soFor example i last played fifa and whrn i press Y it will take me to wrong game
  10. FSDI dont know only the games from the hdd show up
  11. Just what the xbox needs to show 1749
  12. Hi i plugged in my hard drive to my xbox and suddenly the games are missing in the profile you can still see that the missing game was recently played but when you launch them it will take you to a diffrent one the hard drive is formated to 32gb and suddenly it showing the hard drive available space how to fix it?
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