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  1. Its a game problem, re-download and re-install.
  2. Yeah sure no problem.
  3. Okay so it maybe the avatar problem. Use search on how to update avatar data, it maybe causing data loss.
  4. Can you see your avatar when you're in fsd or xbox dashboard? Or is it just faded or gray?
  5. you have avatar data installed/updated?
  6. When it gives you fatal crash error does all the language go like Japanese? if so just change your ports, fixed my one. Hope it works for you too.
  7. If multiplayer isn't your default load, it will have you go through the screen brightness, graphic content options each time you turn the game on. Found this on cod.com. Its the update error. You can just set the default to multiplayer or zombies... whatever you like the most.
  8. Are you signed-in in an account when saving? Do you always choose the same hdd for saves?
  9. Maybe the dlcs are not rightly downloaded for your game's media id. Re-check and re-download if its really not right.
  10. Get everything into an external hdd or usb (including profiles: just copy the whole storage in it through the orignal dashboard) Wherever you'll plug in the usb, your saves and profiles will show up. Thats what I do.
  11. Its a tu problem, download it from fsd if you can. I don't see any other problem as its still saying "coming soon". All you can do is Delete the game and dlcs and redownload them. And are you sure you downloaded the dlcs from the live too?
  12. Glad to see that, GAME ON !
  13. Waiting, I really want one to play the urban reign. Oh what an awesome game !
  14. Have you checked the media id and the game id?
  15. Great Work Puss !! I see Alot of hard work
  16. I Did it at that time, didn't work.
  17. Hey there fellas! Have got a little problem here.. So my friends were playing Homefront today and I wanted to join them but unfortunately I had a disc, and it was not installed in my jtag. So as they were on Tu4, I couldn't find any option to download the tu from the fsd so i downloaded it from jqe MP. I tried to ftp in the tu but the folder for homefront id wasn't there. I made one, put in the TU but it didn't recognize it So all I want to ask is that, is there any way to add tu for a game, which is not installed in the xbox? because sometimes your friends are playing and the copying the iso takes up alot of time, and then they leave. Thanks ! P.s. I know how to make folders for TU's to be installed so please give me an another solution !
  18. True, ive got no game as GoD and sometimes my xbox hangs, freezes, or loads slower. So I guess i'll have to take a step!
  19. Cool, Everyone will appreciate your effort I already do.
  20. Check my attached files, the picture contains all the info you need!
  21. Check the files, this is how I set ports for virtual servers and port triggering, IT REALLY GIVES you a wider range for joining games and IT would pass also. Just do it like this! The ports forwarded for LiNK in virtual servers is No.3 and NO.4
  22. You have to trigger the ports too.
  23. You can always ask for ideas on this site Like putting IE as you said you can !
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