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  1. I installed the 400 days dlc. I have all dlc for this game and all are unlocked. I did go through all episodes of the game successfully with the same game save. I do not see any way to load the 400 days dlc. I do have the latest tu and even deleted all tu's and redownloaded them via fsd. Does anyone know how or where to load the 400 days episode?
  2. What official DLC, if any, has been tested with the Ririe's Edition mod? My bad if it's listed somewhere, but I don't see it.
  3. This is awesome! It's breathing new life into Skyrim. I started a new character after installing Ririe's Editon and I could see tweaks/improvements right from the beginning. It's gonna be fun going through the game again. i
  4. God2iso is pretty sweet. Since my 360 is on my network I can have the app grab the god containers right from the xbox directly and spit out the iso on my pc. Idk...thought I would share that lol. I'm impressed.
  5. Alrighty...thanks for your help. I'll try a few mods and let you know if they work via god.
  6. Ok i got you. I don't have an app for converting god containers. Is it called god2iso, or is there a way to bypass having to covert to iso first?
  7. I mean like if i wanted to use skyrim mods I would have to convert the god containers so i would have access to the raw files. Or are you saying it can be done without that? Thats a good point about indexing though. I would imagine an xbox with thousands upon thousands of files would be heavily taxed.
  8. True...true. I guess one advantage to just extracting the iso would be for modding...Skyrim for example. I've never tried it but I would think modding would be inmpossible working with god containers.
  9. Thanks for the quick response irishdave. Yeah I haven't noticed slow load times with god either. All my games are located on a sata HD. I just like how the iso2god app makes it nice and easy with it's ftp function.
  10. I convert most of my games from iso to god. I never thought much about it until I read a post at: http://www.xpgamesaves.com/topic/51730-tutorial-god-2-iso-then-extraction-to-jtag-rips/ It basically says games in god format load slower. Has anybody heard of this? It`s news to me if it's true. If so I'll just extract the iso from now on and upload the raw files. Btw I'm running the latest FSD if that makes a difference.
  11. What you will find with xlink kai is lots of 360 users who do not have the ping patch trying to join/setup games. So even though you might see lots of people in the 360 rooms on xlink, there will hardly be any games being played. Thats the best thing about the new link service imo, the ping patch is required, and only jtag/rgh consoles can use link (which are the only consoles who have access to the ping patch).
  12. yup the content manager is a great app. being able to browse/manage the 360 hard drive right through the app is killer. if you haven't enabled shell integration in the settings i would suggest it. then you can right click any folder in windows to have the option of taking the content manager right to it.
  13. Hi.. I'm having a problem joining Borderlands 2 sessions. The error im getting is that my DLC/compatibilty packs do not match the host. I have pretty much all the DLC and 2 compatibility packs (except for the latest DLC which is called Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep). Are there more compatibility packs? Maybe im confused about the packs to begin with. Is the purpose of the packs so people that have different DLC can play together online? If not, it seems like it would be rare to find a joinable game if each player needs to have identical DLC since there is so much of it. One out of maybe 20 games I try I can connect to. Sorry if this has been addressed already.. I searched the forums but didn't find anything.
  14. Hey there.. Just wanted to say FSD is the shit, and with the addition of Link it's damn near perfect. I use my jtag pretty much everyday and never use my unmodded XBL box. Keep up the good work devs. I'm amazed that people are able to create shit like this .. so much time and frustation went into making FSD and Link im sure. Anyway, I'm done ass kissing for now. But seriously thanks continued development of FSD and Link.
  15. ffrank

    Link Messaging

    It's all good irishdave. I'm just glad messaging is on the to-do list of the developers. The devs have done a great job so far. Creating something like this is way over my head. I can't imagine how much time it must have taken to get Link working.
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