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  1. Gamer profile full or removed error

    Couldn't he try to run the steps to "fix a corrupted gamer tag"? (Con flag remover tool) See if that helps? Then use "Horizon" to save, rehash and resign? Could also try to redownload your gamer tag from XB Live and save over your current profile to see if that help?
  2. Killed DVD drive while flashing

    thought it would be fun to try, saw video had some time and had xbox under bed. I RGH a few systems successfully, what could go wrong with a little DVD action?
  3. Killed DVD drive while flashing

    I tried making my own probe and used a toggle switch to power on and off the drive(followed a video tut). The drive was showing up in jungle flasher but would not come back after the first power off cycle. I tried a few times got the same result then the drive didn't power on anymore.
  4. Killed DVD drive while flashing

    Thank you for the reply, No I haven't tried to reflash, I don't think I can. The PC doesn't detect the drive anymore. The drive doesn't seem to power on (no noise or eject). When I refresh jungle flasher the drive does not appear, that's why I am thinking it died.
  5. Killed DVD drive while flashing

    Thank you in advance for any and all help provided, So I was trying to flash my phat xbox36o dvd drive and now it has stopped working. I'm guessing its dead. Xbox still boots but can't boot to xell without the eject. Having only the dvd key, is it possible to get a replacement or would the .bin files be needed? I'm confused with this. I don't have a backup of the FW/CFW from when the drive was originally flashed. The drive was/is DG-16D2S Philips lite on. Sorry didn't mention, I get an E64 error when the drive is plugged in. But when it isn't plugged in, it boots Aurora.
  6. Question about multi-disc games number order.

    Would this work for most multi-disc games?
  7. Question about multi-disc games number order.

    Thank you for the reply, Nice so I can hide games without having to worry about numbers. Ok thank you so much, this is good knowledge to know.
  8. Thank you in advance for any and all help provided, My question is about multi-disc games. How do I distinguish the 2nd, 3rd...etc.. discs(Dead Space 2/L.A. Noir/FFXIII) when it comes to hiding the other discs. Is there a database to find the media for multi discs(like unity)? I install discs through the extra function(Aurora/FSD3) not via GOD. I know iso2god lets you rename discs before converting them, The extract feature also let's you rename before extracting but is there a better way to install multi-disc games? I get a smaller game extract so that's why I use that method instead. Or does it not really matter what disc number I use to launch the game?
  9. cant play dvd this disc region code is incorrect

    Thank you Dr.Gonzo for your assistance, Yes, I am NTSC. I only rebuilt the image so that it could have the correct DVD region. I didn't select anything for game region.
  10. cant play dvd this disc region code is incorrect

    Thank you for the reply, Yes, that worked. I selected North America and rebuilt image. The setting was not populated. I have a question now, Game region wasn't populated either. Should I select a setting and rebuild image. My games work but still would like to know.
  11. cant play dvd this disc region code is incorrect

    Thank you for the reply, but its a US system with a US dvd. Does JTAG prevent this as a posse to RGH?
  12. Thank you in advance for any and all help provided, My friend brought me his JTAG/16747/Aurora 0.5b/US ver because he can't play dvd's. He gets the error code (listed in title). I installed the optional media update and the xbox1 compatibility to see if that would help and nothing, it really doesn't play the DVD movies(just opened tango and cash). I went into dash launch and toggled the spoofing option and still nothing(Hold RB when launching disc). He said he had the DVD drive flashed a while back so I'm not sure what FW ver it has. Could the DVD FW be the issue? It reads game discs. Was I suppose to run the (optional media update and the xbox1 compatibility) through yaris? Has anyone had this issue? I told my friend to just stream content from PC to 360 because not many use DVD's anymore but he swears by dvd's and LP's..
  13. Can't download covers in Aurora

    Was trying a few things to see if they would work(dash launch 3.18) after updating aurora. Aurora didn't get covers or synopsis like it has in the past after a fresh install. The system that I have I can't dump the nand for some weird reason(using flash360). Maybe its because it has the ace v2 chip and not a CR4 like I have in my other system which dumps it with no issue, can't really say how and why haven't fully looked into it. UPDATE: I have managed to get some covers now. I toggled the liveblock = true livestrong = false and I have to manually hit update assets to downloaded game info. Could have sworn that Aurora would do it automatically for me before when I would sign in. Still fail data port reachable and broadcast port reachable.