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  1. Thanks a lot, it's working!!! I will fulfill my promise
  2. Thanks a lot, how can i donate?
  3. 1. Same game 2. run game on first xbox - starts, second xbox - error, if i changing xbox, the same situation 3. Extracted 4. Debug Log
  4. Hi friends Sorry for my language... I have winServer2008, SMB sharing + pass, lan connected Xbox360 with aurora 0.5b installed+Connectx Problem: I can play a game only on one consol. I cant run one game at same time on two Xboxes Debug.txt: "type" : "error", "filter" : "ScnProgressUI", "message" : "DoWork failed... aborting." } "type" : "normal", "filter" : "ScnProgressUI", "message" : "Progress Item completed with error code: 997" } File properties on SMB sharing: read only On FSD working perfectly, but i like Aurora! Any advice?
  5. Great job, sirs! Can anybody answer: when will Aurora compatible with ConnectX plugin? That's only one thing, why i still use F3775 Thanks, and how can i donnate some coins?
  6. I dont want to load 1 profile throught 3 consoles, i want to use 1 my own profile on any one console in network. I am ready to pay money!
  7. But why only official? Can anybody write plugin to use unofficial sources for gamer tags savings? I really need it SO MUCH
  8. Hello, friends I have 3 consoles in network + Server + ConnectxPlugin = Great work, thanks a lot! But i have problem with gamerTags. Can i load it from network storage or something else? I understand, that this task isn't easy and ready to pay for Your job! Thanks for any reply
  9. Hi friends! Please help: i want at same time use Xbox to play in local area by System link and play via LINK! How can i do it? Today i need every time change DevLink parametr in launch.ini
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