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  1. Hey CodeAsm, nice to see that you are making more progress on this. Sounds like things have begun to move along with the emulated Xbox Live project....is there an area of centralized communication that you guys are using to work on this? If not I have a slack team for xbox development but it hasn't seen a lot of use lately. Might be good to centralize communication and have a place for people to go to help and check up on development.
  2. This is strange...so far I haven't seen any other reports on this issue yet but its likely to be related to the Unity outage. If there's anyone else having this issue then I'll look into it more and try to see if I have the same problem when i get the chance. If your unity connection checks out in the settings and network testing then it might be on our side. Let me know though what your test shows via screenshot.
  3. I didn't think I would ever get a skin for Aurora.... then I saw this. Nice work, this looks really good!
  4. This is great to see! I do think it should lean a little towards the original FSD concept back in 1.x where there would be 4 groups, Games, orig, Homebrew, and Emulators. But maybe that can be done some other way now, I guess it is still a alpha. So it looks really promising. And the speed is impressive to say the least. If there is something else I could say it would be to make it so that the community could add things into the Dashboard application through plugins. For example you could create a Main Menu that has Games(which goes to where it is now in the alpha) | Then any other tabs could be added in by Plugins. That would go to the plugin so that way people could add in other systems that work with Aurora. You could even create a API to give functions to the plugins...
  5. I would be willing to help out and program all this. We would just need database support so that we can store info. The messaging system would be interesting to work with... a temporary one where we would store everything on the xbox would be easier to implement. Because using server storage for messaging would kinda be annoying, especially with syncing and all. I wonder if we could work with the LiNK freestyle plugin to make this a community effort....
  6. Alright so I have been needing to do this to make XUI apps scale on all screens and finally got it done for myself. I figured it might be useful to more people than just me so I am releasing it here. All you have to do to get this template to compile is get the Common folder from the SDK and place it in the Root. Also I know how I spelt it, Aspec instead of Aspect, Was just in the mood of shortening the name and didn't notice that at the time. If anyone needs help getting it working post here or PM me and I will do my best to help. Thanks: Team FSD - Releasing Source Code that helped immensely with this, you guys make life easy for the rest of us c0z - Help with XUI and dealing with my ignorance Swizzy - 99% of the drive behind this SRC: https://github.com/Kebob/DynAspecRatio
  7. Just the other day I was thinking about what would happen if you guys released this. Its great to see some of this stuff finally get released so that we can all make some things to help expand the 360 scene. Thanks again guys!
  8. Maybe this is the wrong place for this but it is related to homebrew and I figured that this would work. So now that Freestlye Dash is complete will we be able to get the full sourcecode for this project? It would be extremely useful to the homebrew community as there are many many features implemented in F3 that would be of use to Homebrew devs. And further more the community could update F3 with new plugins and features possibly since the X360 will be around for at least another year or so. Is there anyone else here that would be interested in this as I am?
  9. Kebob

    Weather and FSD 3

    I need a working API weather key aswell.
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