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  1. Been messing with my PS2 lately & loved the idea of loading games via SMB with OPL. Just wished the 360 had something similar, & just found it has.... For awhile too with ConnectX.... But, Im not sure whether or not to test it out now or wait for Netiso. Hopefully everything is going well on it & have a release in the near future.
  2. Some say that Aurora v0.7b (Code Name: Unicorn) is releasing the same exact day as Half Life 3... Soon™
  3. Going by some of the recent post's in this thread, I'd estimate around the 34th of Decembuary this/next year. Dont quote me on that though... Just a estimate.
  4. Try ths one. It downloads covers & TU's. Just tested it & still works Not sure for how long though..
  5. Looking at his gitub, The OP's post, & what I can make of this, We will most likely need to dump our nand to use this tool.
  6. If this guy goes MIA most of the time, Something tell's me he wont just turn up around xmas to get the site back online... Most likely because he's already too busy being Turnt up elsewhere... I'd give it until around mid January until he actually turn's up & gets the site back online. Enjoy xmas peeps
  7. I like the transparent effect. Its separates it from most of the skins here. I like the colours too. Most themes are too damn bright. Its nice dude & thanks!!!
  8. Has Aurora 0.6b fixed the issue where you had to remove FSD plugin & unload it? First time I have used Auroa (XYZ) trainers is with Aurora 0.6b & I dont need to have the FSD plugin removed for the trainers to show up & work.. When I open the guide I can see the FSD plugin working with temps & so on + FTP works too. Not saying you dont need to do this though, I understand people above me here know alot more about this than me, Just wondering why Im able to do this & most, If not every person Iv spoken to says to remove the FSD plugin without really going into why..
  9. Very nice dev's. Thanks for the update!!!
  10. Noice. Thanks for the update Swizzy. Looking forward to some of the feature's listed
  11. Been out of the scene for a hella long time (Since just before/after? FSD3), Now we have a new dash Iv notice its been a year since this update was announced.. Is this dash still being worked on now? Hope it hasnt "kicked the bucked" like FSD (< #1)
  12. Thanks for the reply & considering it not "cheating". Just wanted to know how people feel about it, + they can also use it to now with the link in the OP. Thanks!!
  13. Wasn't really sure where to put this... Blur on LiNK doesn't update your profile with fans that you have earned, So you cant gain a higher level or prestige. I have this save for Blur that's level 50, 10 (X) prestige. It has NO MODS that you benefit from, But you do get ALL the Legendary cars that come with each prestige from 1-10, + all the Boss cars that you unlock in career mode. Download https://mega.co.nz/#!IZEXhZpR!REQuXDTv14OcflA2uGEosTZNls0toOVAk2iGYNqL7Ow One more thing. Do you guys consider using this save on LiNK as "Cheating" ?
  14. Anyone up for a few races ? Im hosting now if anyones interested.
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