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  1. Hahaha, that fixed it!! Thanks! But now, a new problem popped up. When I bring up the trainer (can't see a way to configure the cheats....maybe that's done once in game?).....when I launch it, the game tries to load then my XB360 reboots. Back to searching the Googles unless you have a quick/easy fix for that problem as well?
  2. Using Aurora 0.6b and having zero luck getting trainers to work. I have a trainer for GTA 5. Placed it on my XBox 360 drive (hdd1:\Aurora\Trainers\545408A7) and inside that folder is Trainer(RETROBYTE).xex. I verified that the media ID matches (79E465C5) and I turned off the FSD plugin from auto-loading at boot but when I go into game details and select trainers, nothing shows up. TU is # 26. As a matter of fact, I tested about 5 other games and even though media ID, title ID and TU all line up.......the trainers for those games aren't popping up in Aurora. This leads me to believe I'm doing something stupid. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks JValeNtine, and everyone else, that did the trick!!
  4. Using the Aurora file manager, I deleted a couple of XBLA games from the internal hdd and a game or two from an external USB hdd on my old phat JTAG'd console. No matter what I tried, the games were still showing up when scrolling through my list. I tried to manually scan again but the only thing that worked for me (to remove them) was to delete the content paths and re-add them and let Aurora download all the covers again for everything. Is there a bug with Aurora not removing content deleted via the browser or did I miss something? YATU=Yet Another Titlle Update Is it a true statement that if I select a game, then go to Title Updates and hit the right bumper to switch to Unity Maketplace and only see the option to "select download device" (meaning I guess, no TU's are there) ..... if no TU's are listed for a game on Unity, they either don't exist or nobody has uploaded it, correct? I have seen a few games where I COULD d/l TU's like for Angry Birds but scrolling through a lot of my other games, I'm surprised there are no TU's for some of the bigger/more popular games and this made me wonder if there ARE updates but they're just not on Unity.
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