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  1. Hi! Thanks for your hard work guys. Atte. MegaBlitoX
  2. And the new version? xD! already spent a month from the last time. (if you could show us advances or something like a release date, just curiosity xD!) Atte. MegaBlitoX
  3. Hi, If you don't want help and you think that you are right, doing things are not official. I recommend for you, that you will be a downgrade for discard. If this don't work... see other solutions. In other topics are other problems with other users that they have 16767... the hurry don't leads nowhere.Atte. MegaBlitoX
  4. Hi, Of course you can use this, JQE360 and Unity is the same. Atte. MegaBlitoX
  5. Hi In your DashLaunch you must have enabled "xhttp" and disabled "livestrong"... obviously you need internet on your xbox. Atte. MegaBlitoX
  6. Hi, I have not idea xD! Just I know this don't works with TU16 Atte. MegaBlitoX
  7. Hi, Swizzy is absolutely right. Atte. MegaBlitoX
  8. Hi, The 16767 IS NOT an official release. mmm Just I Say. The most recent and official is 16747. Atte. MegaBlitoX
  9. Hi, When you try to play, you have disabled or enabled the "FAKELIVE"? if you can confirm this please. Thank you Atte. MegaBlitoX
  10. Hi, When you try to play, you have disabled or enabled the "FAKELIVE"? if you can confirm this please. Thank you Atte. MegaBlitoX
  11. Hi, I have the same problem, this just happen with TU 16... you must enable the TU 14 and you can play anytime. Regards! Atte. MegaBlitoX
  12. Hi, when you push "back" button, you can see options ... mmm like this: You must select the root of some HDD (in my case... the external HDD) Atte. MegaBlitoX
  13. Hi, You have correctly configured the xhttp and livestrong , but like Swizzy says... check in your router the UPNP. Atte. MegaBlitoX
  14. Hi, the past 30 of August appear Aurora 2.0b, now just six days to the end of the month and I can't wait for the news of a new version of Aurora Project. we will have news in end of this month? some clue? Excuse my insistence xD! Atte. MegaBlitoX
  15. Hi, Try to put livestrong in "false" in your launch.ini or disable it in DashLaunch.- Atte. MegaBlitoX
  16. Hi, finally, what is the solution? Atte. MegaBlitoX
  17. Always with the same problem, just modify FANs Configuration from Dashlaunch and ready. Lately people are paranoid about this topic. Atte. MegaBlitoX
  18. Ahh, then i recomend for you enable the DMZ (IP Xbox only)... For the moment this is my solution to. Atte. MegaBlitoX
  19. I have no idea, check this out: Atte. MegaBlitoX
  20. Aurora does not have things like "Fan Control" (and never will), nor a "file manager" (it's in mind for a next version) ... hope to see some improvements and common tools. The FSD works fine, i don't know what is your problem... Atte. MegaBlitoX
  21. My friend, You must disable xbox live and create an account in xboxunity.net , you need a internet conection for your xbox and download TU#18 of COD BO2. (in the game you must select multiplayer, the next step is push the "guide button" and select "System Link", you can see rooms to choose, now push the "B" and you can create or join to the game) If you need more help, I advise see a tutorial in youtube for "how to"... Atte. ​MegaBlitoXMegaBlitoX
  22. Hi, But you can login in xboxunity now, correct? (JQE360 and Unity its same with other name)... Atte. MegaBlitoX
  23. Hi, the error: I tried create the dir, but i don't know that is wrong xD! (C:\Development\JQE360\Repository\Trunk\XuiWorkshop\Extensions\CustomXuiElements.xml). I'm running the following: Atte. MegaBlitoX
  24. Hi! Aurora is simply unbelievable and remember that is not finished yet. I hope for a final version forget the "F3plugin" and can create a "Auroraplugin" or something like that, really annoying to have Aurora in Spanish and the HUD in English. (freestyleplugin). Anyway, congratulations for all your time and work put into this Project. Don't give up guys! Atte. MegaBlitoX
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