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  1. Hey guys, i have noticed there's a rumour going on about possible jailbreak for ps4 on firmware 5.05? Is it really true?
  2. Thanks guys for your replies. I just wanted to transfer some apps like outlook, twitter and other apps which are not system apps but will not have move to sd card option highlighted.
  3. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough, my problem was that I was running low on the internal memory so I decided to root my phone (Huawei Honor 4 x) to use sd card as internal memory via partitions in sd card. All this wen well but when i installed Link2sd to use partiotion ext4 it gives an erroe :Manu script can't be created. Read only system". So I was hoping to get a fix here. If it can't be posted here I am sorry about that just let me know and I'd remove the post.
  4. Can anyone tell me how to "S-OFF" huwawei honor 4x. I am trying to increase my internal memory and I have created the partitions successfully but when I try to select "ext2" in link2sd it says cannot mount partition, system is read only, I've searched internet and found out it's because of nand is locked but i cannot find how to unlock it, Thanks
  5. Yup U were right Swizzy and Other friends it was the laser issue I cleaned it up with alcohol and it's working again. Thanks guys.
  6. Hey mate that's what VSO shows me upon inserting DVD-RW disc.
  7. Thanks guys I guess I will have to get new one.
  8. Yes it can in fact it's the same disks I burned few months earlier on the same pc but it wouldn't read them and other dvd-rw anymore but reading anything else perfectly someone just told me that it's a sign that the drive is about to go out.
  9. Hey Swizzy , for some reason my disk drive of my laptop is not reading dvd-rw but its reading all kinds of cd's and also dvd-r, I recently upgraded to win 10 and also tried reinstalling the drivers but to no avail. Can you figure out what could be wrong here? Thanks.
  10. Thanks Mate. I connected it via hdmi port and everything seems fine there so yup means problem is screen. One more thing i have also got a problem with one of the hinges its lose on one end can it cause lcd to unbalance? Thanks.
  11. Hi Swizzy thanks. I've posted the link here. https://youtu.be/5e1ataLeILw
  12. Hey guys i have this weird white line appearing at the bottom of my laptop screen can anyone tell me what it could be caused by? I wnat ot post a video of it as well but this forum wont allow me to do so. Thanks.
  13. Thanks guys that was really helpful DS4 is running pretty smooth.
  14. Hey Swizzy not sure whether it's the right forum to ask this question, I want to use my dualshock 4 for games in pc I have searched through internet and found this DS4 emulator I just wanna know whether really works would it have any adverse effect on my controller or pc. Thanks.
  15. Hey guys jus't saw an article over the net that xbox one homebrew isn't far away and just wondering whether it's just one of those rumors or are we really that close to some j-tag like thing for next-gen gaming.
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