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  1. ahh ok thanks sorry missed that in the notes i guess
  2. ok thanks ill give that a try and see how it works out... also just curious how do you run trainers, i have a few on my hdd in a folder but all the trainers options are greyed out is there a special location for them
  3. hmm ok ill have to try again later and see the first one was right away so mayb it was just a ocnnection issue thanks for response
  4. hey so question for you, i have the necessary things enabled/disbaled and i pushed a game cover to my console and it downloaded, i pushed a second one to the console and waited 10minutes and it wouldnt download. trued repushing and its already in my que, how can i view my que to see what is downloading or to no it actually is downloading edit: after 16min of waiting it worked... any idea y it takes so long
  5. alright sent hope it helps thank you
  6. wow im blinde then i dont even see a save option... ill have to look again
  7. hey any other ideas as to why it wont work i got my unity logged n and xhttp is enabled but on unity site i get failed when i try to push started working.... after console restart
  8. Hey ive read the guides and keep sticking aurora as default dash and its all fine until i reboot then it goes straight into FSD again what am i forgetting/doing wrong
  9. ok thanks I found them now how did u want me to send them to youi tried pm but didnt see an attachment option
  10. sry shoulda specified i saw that part lol how do i send you he report you need? also is there a way to run trainers from aurora or do i gave to do this in FSD still
  11. sure would u mind explaining how to do that lol.... so far the only game ive noticed doing it is anarchy reigns on the first hdd i tested
  12. some of my games show up twice in the cover flow and they arnt multi disk and i only have one path made. is there a way to rmove the exra or is it a known bug?
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