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  1. Ofcourse it's awesome,amazing,outstanding,cool,excellent,marvelous,magnificent,superb,fine,wonderful,superlative,exceptional.. hahaha. waiting for the latest update.. keep it up.. Fact: the day i switched to aurora... my.. my... pimples were gone! and my cough was cured! oh my ... ... anyways.. job well done.
  2. I entered my TitleID first.. I saw my MediaID's title update.. i downloaded it.. so should i transfer it now to my xbox? where should i put TU's?
  3. Can't go live my xbox is jtag.. my xhttp is enabled..well i did go to xboxunity.net and entered my media ID there seems to be no result but when i entered my title id there is a title update result.. then when i clicked the title updates i saw my media id there.. i downloaded title update 16.. Did i do it right??
  4. I have this problem.... there is no TU for COD:GHOST why is that?? i am currently using aurora.. while other games has TU..
  5. Another problem again has bothered me... i have this COD:Ghost then i need a title update but it appears that it has no Title update?? why?? whyile COD:BO2 has 18... why o why?? i have a internet connection.. why no title updates for COD:Ghost ??
  6. Thanks for the response.. It worked! Thank you thank you!! More Beer For You Man and Keep up the Good work on aurora..
  7. In my opinion.. this is great. Keep up the good work..
  8. So i deleted the FSD3 using FTP.. removed all that has something to do with FSD3.. because i want to switch to aurora.. The problem is.. is it okay that i deleted the whole FSD3 thing? And replaced it with aurora?? And when i boot my xbox it always boot on original dashboard what i want is aurora in start up.. all i can do now is go to xexmenu and open the aurora.xex...and in dash launch when i set aurora.xex as my default then i quit dash launch then it boots to aurora but when i reboot the xbox it always go to the original dashboard.. is there a way that when i boot my xbox it goes to aurora dashboard like FSD3 used to be?? can you help me guys?? total noob here.. yelp?? any help will be totally appreciated. )
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