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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm fairly new to the modding scene so excuse any misuse of terminology. So I've been using FDS3 for a couple of days, and had my Fan Speed set through the dashboard at 75%. Today I installed the latest stable release of Aurora and, seeing as there is no Fan Speed setting in the Dashboard itself, went to DashLaunch to set the desired speed. After trying out manual fan speed and different temperature targets, I set every temperature to target 50°C and left the manual fan speed unchecked. After I shutdown my console I notice that the fan keeps running. Is this normal? It didn't happen before messing with the DashLaunch settings.
  2. So i deleted the FSD3 using FTP.. removed all that has something to do with FSD3.. because i want to switch to aurora.. The problem is.. is it okay that i deleted the whole FSD3 thing? And replaced it with aurora?? And when i boot my xbox it always boot on original dashboard what i want is aurora in start up.. all i can do now is go to xexmenu and open the aurora.xex...and in dash launch when i set aurora.xex as my default then i quit dash launch then it boots to aurora but when i reboot the xbox it always go to the original dashboard.. is there a way that when i boot my xbox it goes to aurora dashboard like FSD3 used to be?? can you help me guys?? total noob here.. yelp?? any help will be totally appreciated. )
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