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  1. good work, the skin isn't compatible with Arabic Localization, can you fix that pls?
  2. nice job, BTW its not compatible with Arabic Localization, could u please fix that in the next update!
  3. will this plugin support more games? and there is an approximate date for its release?
  4. yeah i did all that i download skin 0.5b for my Aurora 0.5b, and i put the .xzp file in the skins folder
  5. i put it in the skins folder, but its not showing up on the available skins ! any idea?
  6. what is your port forwarding settings? did you reserve IP for XBOX? because i'm having the same problem
  7. So if i enabled fakelive, the mic will work on system link servers?
  8. what about PAL and NTSC? can i install xex menu on them?
  9. Hello All, I have newbie question, can i install xex menu and dashlaunch in PAL & NTSC versions of xbox 360? and what is the difference between these devices PAL, NTSC, Jtag, and Rgh. Thanks in advance...
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