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  1. will try the latest version. you should rename this app to [“skin maker†killer], you know why:) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  2. thanks keyser!
  3. thanks so much jbox! i tried your fixed version, now i wont get the error message when i start the application. and it shows v3.0.1. but when i click the 'check update' button, i got aother error message as shown below. anyway, i guess that wont bother me for the time being..i still can use it just ignoring the error. p.s. your theme Orix EN is sick... great job!
  4. hi jbox, i still have the bug i mentioned before i will get this error message when opne the application and when i tried to update it, and i cant get the update neither. will you take a look at it? thanks
  5. love to try this skin. thanks for sharing!
  6. It's not necessary to be in dds format, but if you insist, irfanview is a good toolSent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  7. very useful app, thanks keyser!
  8. canvasconfig.xur Enableanimation1 navdown should be enablerandom instead of enableanimation1Then enablerandom navup should be enableranimation1 instead of the none-existing enableanimation0It's also been there since the earlier versions...Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  9. not a big deal but will confuse people who want to localize the skin or to create their own based on the default one. in Settings_Plugin.xur, the text for ID TitleText is not the same 'Plugin Settings' as supposed to at every frame, instead only one is 'Plugin Settings' and all the others are 'General Settings', if people translate the skin with XUITT(thanks keyser!), they will still see 'PLugin Settings' instead of the translated one, well i know they may see the transalted one of 'General Settings' when move to the plugin scene if their eye is super enough, lol this typo is there since the earlier versions and what i did was to correcte it first and then do the localization...i believe not many people know what happened so i think i may post it here... cheers
  10. PluginsuserdatatitleidSent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  11. robins

    XUITT 2.1.6

    @SPAM&keyser: 1. Initailizing is another typo in 483 and gets corrected in 735, manually change it to initializing if you want to translate it as well, although not many people may notice it...2. There has been some Q&A between myself and a member of teamfsd regarding the hud localization, here is the link if you want to discover the whole story...http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/984-SystemLink.xur,-Lobby.xur-and-UserCP.xur3. Please share what you find is missing in database so that I can save some time repeating the work.Cheers,Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  12. don't set these 2 buttons as activator if you don't expect problem at game library scene when playing f3, you know what I am saying, just give it a try...P.S. great work teamfsd as always but sad to see HUD localization is dying...Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. See if freestyleplugin.xex is in the plugins folder, then load it in settingsSent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  14. uï½ï½„ï½ï½”ï½…d, great improvement, but sad to see some of the strings are no longer hard coded in...I hope something to be done so that we can translate freestyleplugin.xex again...Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  15. thanks for the continuous improvement!Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  16. Learn to be a civilized person before you open your mouth, especially when you do that for help.btw, I don't understand what you said except for the s word.Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  17. Yeah, I guess that must be a huge project, if that's not gonna come true in the near future, can you consider doing the followings for us?1. In the HUD scene, text "Back" is in SystemLink.xur which is not easy to edit, can you hard code it into xex?2. type in 3 or 4 Spaces after text "Open Tray" and "Close Tray", my translated strings are longer than the original ones... 3. skin.xml, Save, Delete, OK, Cancel related suggestions I mentioned above?4. for the strings in update installer(the black screen scene), which font does it use? it seemed not using arial.ttf under mediafont folder, the translated texts wont display properly, instead it only shows blocks([]). Can you make it use the same font as the other strings?5. As for the new Guide design you mentioned above, it will be sad for us not being able to translate it. If this is going to happen anyway, can you make the current plugin compatible for the future release?6. Can you make a list of the texts which are hard coded in xex? To collect them is also a painful process, we just note it down when we come across a text in the dash. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi MaesterRowen, thank you very much for the reply. It answered my question. Suggestion? Yes, i can beg if you could make it happen. Since my first time touching this awesome dash 2 years ago, i spent a lot of time trying to make a perfect translation for it, which includes the skin and the xex as well. with the help of xuitt and other great programs we can get a translated version of f3, but there are still some strings we dont have a clue for translation. 1. strings in skin.xml, can you make it support unicode or utf8 charset like menusettings.xml? 2. text "Save" and "Delete" in edit game path scene, they were hardcoded in default.xex, but they seemed sharing a same ID, which result in a frozen screen if we translate it(them). can you assign 2 seperate ID for them so that we can translate them and dont lose the function? 3. text "OK" and "Cancel" in deafult.xex, many of the popup windows use these 2 texts, but if we translate them, we will lost the function in some scenes, e.g. copy dvd. why are they so special? I know a well designed skin(like Metro V3 Link by HaCKLinK vs Bebert007) can solve the problem, but it just have something else to cover "OK" and "Cancel", problem remains if we change a skin. Is there anything you can do to permanently slove it? 4. ... i know there are something else i havent noticed. Anyway, above all the mentioned suggestions, my request is a multi-langage Freestyle dashboard. I dream of it! Please do take it into consideration for the next release, I believe many of your fans can contribute to this project. Again, thanks Team FSD!
  19. i know it's hard for me. but is it that hard for everyone who has viewed this post?
  20. I am curious how to extract the avatar, I remember in the earlier version of fsd(2.0?) the avatars of the team fsd were displayed at the about sceneSent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  21. these 3 files are under PluginsHudScene, what makes them so special that I can't open them with xuitool? How can I edit them as I did for the other xur's in the skins?i appreciate if teamfsd could shed any light to it, I know you must have the answer, you create them...Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  22. I have the same issue as puss2puss does when using metro theme(the French one), I think there must be something tricky in that skin because if I translate the skin with xuitt and pack it back to xzp, I can't load it in fsd(well, it is loaded, but just black screen, and the name of the skin is not the one stated in skin.xml, instead it was like blablabla compressed blablabla and the skin preview won't display on the choose skin scene), interesting thing is I can load it in fsd if I unpack it and put that folder in fsd, however fsd will get frozen if I try to go into anyone of the game category scene(x360, kinect, etc) However I don't have such problem with any other skins Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  23. thanks, can you upload it here? I always have problem downloading stuff over mediafire Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  24. edit SplashScreen.xur with xuitool
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