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  1. Hi, MaesterRowen Thanks for the hotfix. If any further updates, you may use the latest translations for Chinese here: Simplified Chinese V2: ZH-CN.xzp Traditional Chinese: ZH-TW.xzp Sorry I didn't put the most updated ones in my top/main post. And the one you used in 0.7b.1 is outdated ———————————— Related Posts in Aurora Localization subforum https://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/8632-simplified-chinese-translation-for-aurora-07b/ https://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/8659-traditional-chinese-translation-for-aurora-07b/
  2. MUGIWARAL93 is the maker of 0.6b version of this skin.
  3. 没有微信。。。 1.下载3楼 V2 中的ZH-CN.xzp 文件,复制到xbox中的Aurora 0.7b\Media\Locales\ 文件夹下,然后在Aurora中按开始键,选Language,选中文语言 2.下载Default-FZLT.7z,解压后,复制到Aurora 0.7b\Skins\ 文件夹下,然后在Aurora中按 B键,选Skins,选这个皮肤 其他: 还有一个皮肤是metro-aqua-FZLT.7z ,也嵌入了兰亭字体,如果需要也可以下载,放到Aurora 0.7b\Skins\ 文件夹下,然后在Aurora中启用
  4. Works for my slim corona. Now I'm at 17526. 1. I found the console works a bit slower than before. Maybe MS patched Meltdown and Spectre? especially when reading the internal hdd. 2. I noticed the application's icon is also modified from the original. and Jasper BB is added.
  5. The style from westworld is also so cool~~~~ Can make a dark skin. Below is a computer ui design, and I'm too lazy to grab a screen shot of their tablet design. lol.
  6. I'm one of the guys have that obsession of update, lol. try to keep everything updated. github, nightly are my bleeding edge pal
  7. looks nice. I'm new to RETROARCH. How about it compares to FBA?
  8. now I just wait for the official release of XEBUILD GUI 3.0 .
  9. I like the animation which makes xbox 360 looks faster Yepp, take your time. It's a huge and interesting project. Looking forward to see a newborn master of fluent design system.
  10. That's the sprite. looking forward to your new skin
  11. Glad you figured that out and released the Spanish Translation. Good job~
  12. En: In this particular post, I think Chinese is allowed. So If you have any suggestions regarding the Chinese translation, you can discuss or post here. Chs: 在此贴中,我想中文是允许的。所以若有任何翻译上的想法建议,你可在此贴留言。
  13. 1. try the compiled version of Aurora Translation Tool by felida 2. try the Aurora Language Pack Compiler compiled by felida 3. please note the above two tools need XuiTools.dll which you may copy from previous release.
  14. Do whatever you like It's fun to create ~ After this, you may be the master of fluent design.
  15. Hopefully the commutation will provide you with more materials to save you some time instead of sitting and eat water melon just like me some links: https://fluentcolors.com/ https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/design/icons https://www.axialis.com/icongenerator/stock-icons/fluent-pro/
  16. Since I've translated Simplified Chinese, I've tried to convert it to Traditional Chinese. I used the tool by Hopkins to convert. You may find more details here. https://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=275572 As there's some differences of phrases among HK/TW/CN, this time my target phrases output is set to Taiwan. If you find some phrases/words are not correct for Native Taiwanese, you may notify me or change it yourself. And the font-embedded skins are still working to improve font display appearance. ZH-TW.xzp ZH-TW.xml Default-FZLT.7z metro-aqua-FZLT.7z Previews
  17. now I know your avatar Keep going, young man, lol~
  18. wow, this post becomes hot. some elements for your reference. but you can do whatever you want. I don't want this to limit your creative design:)
  19. You are the expert! I have faith in you You may want to check the latest Groove Music for some reference. However I'm sure you already notice that. Don't worry. We will support and push you.
  20. I've viewed those files via Atom. It's beyond my knowledge and i don't understand the file... You are right, saywaking. It's not for newbie like me to figure it out myself.
  21. I have notice the shadows effect you added~
  22. Like your developing manner Step by step and trial version lead to continuous fun and surprise. Can't wait to see a little transparent effect added. Looking forward to alpha, beta, v1.0 v2.0 ... light version, dark version, color version... Yepp, I'm greedy. As Fluent Design System involve a lot of details, it's a difficult job to make it nice. Thank you for making the skin for us. However, no pressure. Just for fun.
  23. do you use the latest version compiled by felida in the bottom of the post?
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