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Found 2 results

  1. Thanks, Team Phoenix, for the great release. With the help of the translation tool by Swizzy and warmest help from felida for compiling the tool for us, now I provide the community with Simplified Chinese Translation for Aurora 0.7b. 1. The ZH-CN.xzp file which you can put in the folder Aurora 0.7b\Media\Locales\ to enable Simplified Chinese localization. ZH-CN.xzp V2: ZH-CN.xzp (Same as below) 2. The ZH-CN.xml file is also provided and open-sourced which you can modify according to your requirements. ZH-CN.xml V2: ZH-CN.xml (Same as below) 3. The default Skin is not good for Chinese character display, so I embedded FZLT font in the default skin and uploaded it in the post. Default_FZLT_V1.7z (If you are interested in the difference or the reason of embedding additional font, you can check my previous post )
  2. Because Zesty the former translator for Chinese localization hasn’t released the updated ZH-CHS.xml for 0.6b yet, I’ve decided to contribute a little for the community. I will try to compile and test it on my Xbox later. Meanwhile, suggestions or feedback are welcome. Thank Team Phoenix for coding the marvelous Aurora. And thank you Swizzy for the translation tool which really makes the localization much easier. During translation, I have following suggestions, The original text “Right Location†in the string â€Aurora_FileManager.FileManager.FileManagerTabScene.Tab1.CloneTab2Button.Text†may be wrong, because the function of the Y Button is to return to root directory. Same issue in “Light Locationâ€. As for the translation tool, it will be more convenient if I can directly edit and save translated lines instead of clicking “Save Current Line†each time. There are 955 entries to be translated, so you can imagine the left clicks I have done. If it can import the previous translation of Aurora 0.5b, the new localization work will be much faster. ———————— æ„Ÿè°¢Phoenix团队带æ¥Aurora æ„Ÿè°¢Swizzyæ供翻译工具 æ„Ÿè°¢Zesty对此å‰ç‰ˆæœ¬çš„翻译 简中的翻译请è§é™„件,欢迎å馈或建议。 ———————— After testing on my own Xbox, I have updated the Chinese Simplified Translation and also added the Traditional one. For Chinese Simplified, please check zh-CN.xmlzh-CN.xml And for Traditional, please check zh-Hant.xmlzh-Hant.xml I have also compiled it and now you can put the .xzp files to the folder \Aurora 0.6b \Media\Locales to use the language file. zh-CN.xzpzh-Hant.xzp Enjoy and suggestions. With the help of Swizzy, Felida and Muppo the skin maker of Blue Mountains, I provide you with two skins embedded the Font FZLT as follows, BlueMountains_v1.0b_FZLT.xzpDefault_Font_FZLT.xzp And previews, ———————— 实机测试åŽï¼Œæˆ‘æ›´æ–°äº†ç®€ä¸­ç¿»è¯‘ï¼Œå¹¶å¢žåŠ äº†ç¹ä¸­ç¿»è¯‘ 简中下载zh-CN文件 ç¹ä¸­ä¸‹è½½zh-Hant文件 å¢žåŠ äº†åµŒå…¥å…°äº­é»‘å­—ä½“çš„çš®è‚¤ï¼Œä¸­æ–‡æ˜¾ç¤ºæ•ˆæžœæ›´å¥½ 玩的开心,欢迎å馈 ———————— Update 13/12/2016 Revise some translations (synopsis etc.) Add Skins with Chinese Font Improvement Add preview pics
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