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  1. i know this topic is old, but apparently, some commits have been made on d39 driver on retroarch. I think they are trying to make the xmb work. xmb uses is own files, fonts and other stuff and it doesnt need the xui files-interface to work. Maybe there's still some hope to people who stiil waiting for a new retroarch 360 version.
  2. yep, with all the new emulation stuff floating around like recalbox, batocera, the classic homebrew emulation for consoles is almost dead. The switch homebrew, however, is going strong, but i don't have one 😕 About pcsx360, you have to press the emulator options button (setup game profile). A menu will appear. Try use, dynarec on, framelimit on. Turn off gpu thread. Maybe the game will be playable.
  3. @nanohuman, I'll not release because my build is outdated( still use the old way to load and save settings), i use this build just for experimental stuff that i change in the source code. But i sent to dreamboy. He made the last UI with improvements and fixes . He will release a next version for sure. Not sure when But, if you really would like to try, pm me and i'll send a build for test.
  4. In the last commits (not offcialy released by ced), he added .z compression. These images can be created using a tool called pocket iso. Ced managed to get it working but it have some problems with multi-disc images and other things. I fixed some stuff and now i have a working build with compressed (.z images) support. Only games with cdda will not work, so you have to keep the games with cdda( tomb raider 1, 2 for example) unconpressed. All other games i tested with xa audio works very well. Vagrant story, have about 700mb, and using pocket iso, the image go down to about170mb in size, so it worth if space is a problem. @Dreamboy, if would like to add the compressed images support in a possible next release, just let me known cheers. and sorry, bad english.
  5. see your cue file. It works fine for me.... your .iso file must be renamed same as inside cue here's my cue file for this game FILE "AKUMAJOU_DRACULA_X.ISO" BINARY TRACK 01 AUDIO INDEX 01 00:00:00 TRACK 02 MODE1/2352 PREGAP 00:03:00 INDEX 01 00:48:65 TRACK 03 AUDIO PREGAP 00:02:00 INDEX 01 03:04:14 TRACK 04 AUDIO INDEX 00 04:48:48 INDEX 01 04:50:48 TRACK 05 AUDIO INDEX 00 05:51:67 INDEX 01 05:53:67 TRACK 06 AUDIO INDEX 00 07:28:09 INDEX 01 07:30:09 TRACK 07 AUDIO INDEX 00 08:51:61 INDEX 01 08:53:61 TRACK 08 AUDIO INDEX 00 09:56:35 INDEX 01 09:58:35 TRACK 09 AUDIO INDEX 00 12:54:60 INDEX 01 12:56:60 TRACK 10 AUDIO INDEX 00 14:38:28 INDEX 01 14:40:28 TRACK 11 AUDIO INDEX 00 17:19:05 INDEX 01 17:21:05 TRACK 12 AUDIO INDEX 00 19:00:58 INDEX 01 19:02:58 TRACK 13 AUDIO INDEX 00 21:31:18 INDEX 01 21:33:18 TRACK 14 AUDIO INDEX 00 23:58:69 INDEX 01 24:00:69 TRACK 15 AUDIO INDEX 00 27:38:51 INDEX 01 27:40:51 TRACK 16 AUDIO INDEX 00 30:04:10 INDEX 01 30:06:10 TRACK 17 AUDIO INDEX 00 33:19:56 INDEX 01 33:21:56 TRACK 18 AUDIO INDEX 00 34:49:29 INDEX 01 34:51:29 TRACK 19 AUDIO INDEX 00 36:31:49 INDEX 01 36:33:49 TRACK 20 AUDIO INDEX 00 38:31:50 INDEX 01 38:33:50 TRACK 21 AUDIO INDEX 00 42:33:12 INDEX 01 42:35:12 TRACK 22 MODE1/2352 PREGAP 00:03:00 INDEX 01 46:48:62
  6. @360-Unimatrix, It works this way. The emulator will only show zipped roms, and cue files for segacd and pcengine cd games. Try load cue file. If you have a good rip, it will work fine.
  7. Yes, it's possible. I'll see if i can add the option again for sdtv users to the next version.
  8. hi. It's based on 0.9.8 version, since is the last version with dual shader support. That's why i'm still using. Apply the changes on will be probably straightfoward, but time consuming. No promises, but maybe i'll start port the features to last version on month june.
  9. New version guys. For people who still use xbox360 for retro games. hdtv users only. RETROARCH 360 unofficial v3 relesead : Facelift Edition -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - FEARURES: - Title and ingame screenshots support. You can now save screenshots using the emulator. - Background music with ajustable volume while browsing games. - Background image on xui skin. - Added mednafen PCE FAST 0.9.36 core. Now castlevania Rond of blood works fine. - Added Snes9xGX core. Tengai Makyou Zero seems to work. - Some fixes in games that doesn't load in previous version when the gamename is short. Ex: abc.zip "https://www47.zippyshare.com/v/WoixwJ6i/file.html"
  10. I think you're using the emu made by lantus, and if i remember right, there's no shader support on his emulators, only software filters, not the same stuff as shaders. Retroarch 0.9.8 already have the fba core and it was the last 360 version( please someone correct me if in wrong) that came with shader support. Its a old version, but still worth to take a look to play some games.
  11. @ swizzy, sorry. it won't happen again. it's just for test purposes, because i know he talks my language @dreamboy, glad to hear you again, btw, you probably already know, the last pcsx360 source is out. fix the problems on the gui would be nice. i remember that last time i tried improve the gui, i screwed up everything.lol. but i know you can work on this. i hope hear some news from you man. cheers !!
  12. Dreamboy, is that you?? the guy in the old ced2911 foruns that made the gui fot the pcsxr360 ?? Eae como esta parceiro Tudo certo?? Sou eu. cmkn1983. Estou por aqui. Temos poucos sites ativos de xbox360.hehe. Abraço.
  13. devilhunter, it seems the pokopon plugin used for input is compatible with multitap stuff, but i don't know if pscx-reloaded is compatible. i'll take a look on this letmebe, dreamboy( the guy that made the second version of pcsxr-360) made the gui, he added some code to hide the cue, ccd files on filebrowser, but the cue file is important since the emulator read the cue to play the tracks. Just load the bin file. If the .cue is good, it will play the cdda tracks fine. btw, thanks for upload the emu again darknior, just press start and back together to open the ingame menu options. Just remeber to download this file guys http://www100.zippyshare.com/v/cSX7M4hH/file.html It's a fix for crash team racing that was broken on 2.1.0 version.
  14. Hi Thanks, glad you guys liked it Crash team racing is not working on this build. Sorry for my mistake guys But is easy to make it to work again. here's the binary fixed : http://www100.zippyshare.com/v/cSX7M4hH/file.html or if you have the tools to compile the source and enjoy compile some code ,take a look in the source code and serch for the spu.c file on plugins folder. find this lines of code in the "MAINProc" func on spu.c #if 0 if(pMixIrq && irqCallback) { for(ns=0;ns<NSSIZE;ns++) { if((spuCtrl&0x40) && pSpuIrq && pSpuIrq<spuMemC+0x1000) { for(ch=0;ch<4;ch++) { if(pSpuIrq>=pMixIrq+(ch*0x400) && pSpuIrq<pMixIrq+(ch*0x400)+2) {irqCallback();s_chan[ch].iIrqDone=1;} } } pMixIrq+=2;if(pMixIrq>spuMemC+0x3ff) pMixIrq=spuMemC; } } #endif we must include this code again in the build. just replace #if 0 by #if 1 and the game will work again. NOTES: I really don't know if doing this will break other games( seems the only game that really need this to work ), so i will not release a new version. For now here's a compiled source with crash team racing working. It's the same source released from 2.1.0 version, but with this fix above included again. Just replace the default.xex file. * After some research, the miliseconds freeze issue that happen in some games like ISSS pro evolution and crash team racing, happen in other psx emulators as well like mednafen-psx. It only happes if you load games from a hdd. It works fine using a usb flash drive. cheers !! cmkn1983
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