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  1. is this real?? https://testyourmight.com/threads/umk3- ... pha.61481/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WH6D1zDIow4 .............as far as i can remember NO MK game or KI was ever playable in FBA on 360... i DO have the latest source code fba_src_029743.7z
  2. i have a bad rip and i can not seem to find another one the cue and zip are named the same
  3. yeah i did try it said error loading should castlevania be an iso? or an archive?
  4. Added mednafen PCE FAST 0.9.36 core. Now castlevania Rond of blood works fine. anyone know how to get castlevania running i just dropped the iso and cue in the pc engine folder only the cue shows up
  5. oh hi! no i have not are they better then the mame 0.72 release 2??
  6. anyone working on any 0new 360 emulators?? id love to see some updates to the mame emulator Postings relocated & new Thread prepared ! Dr.Gonzo
  7. I had a friend working on this its the killer instinct arcade emu source hope some one can finish this and bring it to life https://mega.nz/#!p4Zj1aLT!_rrj20t_LYg3i05hlCJJrWmbX80AiEgAjI62UT4Ge9A
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