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  1. Can you upload it somewhere and then at least post the link?
  2. Is there a compiled version?
  3. So I have DB Browser for SqLite. How would I go about changing the Device ID so it will all work? And how do I ghet device Id from the New HDD? Thank you in advance!
  4. So best method is delete old scan paths and re add them? I was trying to skip that step................
  5. So I have BO II installed to my RGH and it works. Even DLC all works. My issue is that it doesn't remember my setting like screen size and graphic content settings also it does not remember any setting as far as creating classes and stuff like that. Not sure if the campaign save works but I think so. What could I do to possibly fix this? Thanks for the help in advance!
  6. I noticed PCSXr360_v2_1_1a was release to boot with the assist of Xell. Is there a .xex version?
  7. So I have a question regarding content management: In Aurora after "pressing the start button" under "Content/Manage paths" I'm able to create paths for Aurora to search for content and find installed Games, Homebrew, Emulators, Ect. I have backed up the Aurora folder with all content paths and content working and launching properly. Now when I transfer the Aurora Folder back to a new hard drive all the artwork is greyed out and the paths say directory or device not found. Is there a way to fix this?
  8. I have a Corona v2 4gb and The phison controller or Nand itself is bad. Swizzy, do you know where I can find a good tutorial for converting it to 16mb nand?
  9. I have done it many times. I use XEX Menu Disc to do it.
  10. JTAG requires Dashboard 2.0.7371 and older if not then you will have to RGH1/RGH2/R-JTAG/RGH2+/R-JTAG+.
  11. I wish I new more about development So I could use mine as a dev kit but i don't.Thank God there are people like yourself Skyhi that are willing to work on these projects. I so look forward to the day you release the source or beta so I can run XBMC or Kodi on the linux or XDK side on my Xbox 360!
  12. Great job Skyhi! Keep up the Good Work. So is there a build of this available to test as of now? Or are you still working out the bugs before the release?
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