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  1. Hello Octal! Thank you for the latest release. I guess there's a bug in the ISD Sound Editor when used with the version 2115 of the ISD chip and picoflasher. - It works just FINE when using JR-Programmer (Same solder points, same wires soldered) It can read the IC contents just fine, verify fine against the original file. The problem is while writting... The last two bits of each row is "blank" Same setup work just fine with ISD 2110 (picoflasher, jr-runner version) If you want to investigate, I can test without any problems. Tried with two diff pi picos, two consoles with 2115 (same behavior), and both alternative points and the original sonus points. Spk
  2. Alex1501: Probably you have the autoswap option enabled in DashLaunch. Disable it in order to use fsd/aurora.
  3. Last night went thru the xbla session of unity and found this titles without covers Would be cool if you guys could make some nice cover art for those 58410989 - Crystal Defenders 58410A5D - Destination: Arcade 584109B1 - Football Genius 58410B32 - Gatling Gears 584107E2 - Hardwood Backgammon 584113CA - Hunter's Trophy 2 - Australia 5841093B - Live Score Tracker 584107F8 - Lumines Live! 58411213 - Magic 2013 5841092B - Merv Griffin's Xwords 58410A19 - Might & Magic Clash of Heroes 58411458 - Monopoly Deal 58410998 - NCAA Basketball MME 58410B25 - NIN2-Jump 58410877 - Pac-Man C.E. 584108DD - Pirates vs Ninjas Dball 5841091B - Puzzle Quest Galactrix 584107E5 - RoboBlitz 58410890 - Rocky and Bullwinkle 58410A17 - Rush'N Attack: Ex-Patriot 58410B87 - Saint's Row Moneyshot 58410AC2 - SEGA Rally Online Arcade 58410922 - Shadow Assault/Tenchu 5841096F - Space Ark 5841089F - SpongeBob UnderPants! 58410B3E - Star Raiders 5841124C - Sega Vintage Collection: ToeJam & Earl 58410A9F - The Fancy Pants Adventures 58411459 - TMNT Training Lair 584113C5 - Virtual-on 58410868 - Wing Commander Arena 58410AA1 - Yar's Revenge 584108D8 - Zombie Wranglers All those covers are for US region Thanks for helping to make unity.net as complete as possible! Spk
  4. This is the right place for the infamous "Feature Request"? How about a option *per game* to control fakelive setting in dashlaunch? So one could leave it disabled by default and enable only in games that requires it. e.g. Call of Duty Ghosts requires fakelive on in order to get voice chat working while Halo Spartan Assault crashes if that option is turned on. That would be the end of this problem. Thanks again for Aurora. Awesomeness! SpkLeader
  5. It happens in Brazilian games description too.. "Jogo Completo - "
  6. Thank you MaesterRowen! Gotta check it out...
  7. Thanks for the update! I guess i've found a bug in the latest version 3.483... It can't find nxe installed games (game on demmand) on UsbMU? (pen drive formatted as memory unity) Game was installed using metro dashboard from original disc using drive on this console. if CAN find title updates... but not the game itself. Also, I'm using a 16gb usb, which appears as 14.9GB after format and in the main screen it shows 0.0GB used, 14.9GB free. (COD:BO2 is installed and it's working fine when launched thru file manager) Trying to help... SpkLeader
  8. Thanks for the update! Really really nice! Looking for message option avail
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