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  1. What he said ^. If you copied all the fields same as other console, it won't work unless you're going for having a static IP, in which case the Xbox up would need to be different. Set to default network settings, back out to main network settings screen, choose the option to disconnect and rescan. Then reboot console, go to network settings, and select your router. Reboot again, and see if it connects. If not, I include photos of network settings in your post. Note that I'm referring to the network settings from the normal Xbox dashboard for everything above.
  2. m$ = microsoft cdn = content delivery network In other words, if unity.net doesn't have the title asset stored on their server, Aurora will resort to downloading them from microsoft's servers (cdn). Search the forums for Aurora Asset Editor, iirc. It's not officially discontinued, but the devs are all pretty busy and as Aurora is free, updates happen when and if they get around to it.
  3. @Bryan Sanders & @radarshop, I explained how to do this in another thread... the file Swizzy is referring to is "/Data/Databases/content.db", which you should delete. Leave everything else in the /Data/ dir as-is. Then just clear the grayed-out scan paths, re-add them, and do a full scan. Since the title assets will already exist in the /Data/ directory, the scan will simply rebuild a new content.db file without redownloading everything.
  4. Gotta love these idiots who start a new thread without bothering to notice all the other threads addressing their problem already. Then don't even bother to say thanks when someone replies with a solution. Learn to search before you post, and don't be an ungrateful prick, @Trevon. 🙄 Thanks, @sonnyy.
  5. Add my patch to your launch plugins and see if that fixes it. It looks like the crash is happening when downloading the assets, which is a known bug with Aurora currently. Direct download link: https://github.com/StelioKontosXBL/AuroraCrashPatcher/releases/latest/download/AuroraCrashPatcher.xex
  6. Some assets, namely background images/screenshots/trailers, are not hosted on unity servers, and have to be downloaded from m$ cdns. Those are the problematic downloads causing the crashing, which my patch blocks. If your title covers downloaded fine but you are missing some screenshots, then the patch worked correctly; until Aurora pushes an official update fixing this, your best option is to import the title assets using Aurora's companion tool.
  7. Like @sonnyy said having them enabled has no effect on the patch; it only inhibits Aurora from fetching title data on first run if your games changed. Re protecting your kv with those options disabled: either use a quality stealth server, backup your kv and put a banned one on temporarily, or just disable livestrong and leave liveblock enabled.
  8. You could always use the tool then manually import them from there for now. That is beyond the scope of my patch, though.
  9. I have not had a chance to try fixing it, though I did look into it some more and it seems to be related to threading. It's a common problem that occurs with most plugins including stealth plugins; since your launch plugins aren't needed when playing og games, most people just eject the tray at boot to bypass loading the plugins. The current version detects the tray state and aborts loading if that's the case, for until I have a chance to work on a complete fix.
  10. If livestrong is enabled, it won't download anything, hence no crash. Any assets hosted by unity will download fine; you crashed when it got to an image not on the unity website, and tried downloading it from the Microsoft cdn.
  11. Some assets are already cached on the Unity servers, though most screenshots and trailers are not cached to conserve bandwidth. If the asset isn't available through the Unity server, Aurora then attempts to download the asset from the Microsoft CDN. As @MKK hanzo pointed out, due to some changes on Microsoft's side with their marketplace assets, those assets are no longer being successfully found/downloaded by Aurora (causing the crash). Currently the patch only blocks the crash; I'm not attempting to reroute the requests currently, as my knowledge of the api they're using is practically nil, and last thing I want to do is introduce additional edge case exceptions as a result of my patch.
  12. Grab the latest version of my patch at https://github.com/StelioKontosXBL/AuroraCrashPatcher/releases and set as a launch plugin in Dashlaunch. Instructions are in the README at that repo. This will fix the unhandled exception crash you're getting.
  13. This is a known issue; quite a few other plugins (some stealth servers, etc) have the same problem from what I've seen. If you eject tray when booting to bypass loading plugins, the patch won't load, allowing you to play it games without it crashing. I'll post an update to the repo when I have a chance to add a fix for this.
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