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  1. Can you post a pic of your scan paths from Aurora?
  2. I'm not going to set a precedent here by announcing release dates; when it is ready, it will go live. As things stand, there is still some work implementing it with the Aurora coverflow UI, and finishing the tool for the server so it's user friendly and without bugs.
  3. @SnakeDante Try replacing the 'Plugins' folder inside your Aurora directory with the one included in the official download at http://phoenix.xboxunity.net/downloads/Aurora 0.7b.2 - Release Package.rar. Reboot, then check the update screen and it should show everything up to date. @moses_373 @yongbi not abandoned, no. Releasing an update with NetIso is the plan, just realize we all have bills, jobs, and for some of the team, families also, which obviously impacts how fast things happen here.
  4. Open guide, scroll down, press "open tray"
  5. What do you mean by "arrange my contents"? Aurora uses a database file to "cache" your game contents and related assets, so how you are modifying your contents could be an issue. Without knowing what it is you're modifying, or how you're doing it, it's hard to say what's happening...
  6. Sounds like you're asking us to replicate the built-in external media selection interface from the guide/default dashboard, in Aurora...? The guide has a tray open option in it already, if having an entirely hands-off experience is important to you.
  7. If you haven't yet, update Aurora and remove my patch which is no longer needed with this update. Everything should work fine then. If console is always offline, uncheck the option to scan at startup after doing a full scan so everything is cached and up to date.
  8. Did you rescan the title afterwards? The DB will use cached data otherwise...once adding custom covers, rescan to update the cache with your new artwork and it should show up.
  9. Matter of personal preference, including the name of the Aurora folder itself, eg `Hdd:/Aurora`. Just make sure the path in your launch.ini is correct if you have it set to boot to Aurora.
  10. You clumped a lot of different possible issues into one, all of which are for the large part unrelated, so difficult to know what exactly the problem is without more specifics... That said, title covers/asset downloads was a known issue prior to the current hotfix which was just released the other day. Go to the "About" screen under settings, and check if you are on the latest update. If not, update it. Current version is 0.7b-2 (binaries: r1655, skin: r1622, plugins: r1622). If you have AuroraCrashPatcher in your plugins, remove it, as that's no longer needed. Scan your artwork - should work with no issues. To connect to unity, make sure xhttp is enabled as @felida pointed out, and you ofc need a unity account already created. You can manually input the api key from the unity site, or request it from Aurora. At this point, if you're still having issues, post here what's happening.
  11. I haven't read the entire thread, but regarding the op, most plugins aren't designed for classic games. If you're using AuroraCrashPatcher, you can remove it since this last update fixes that crash now. Try removing your other plugins also and launch from Aurora and see if it works. Be sure live block is on if you remove a stealth, ofc.
  12. About updating your dashboard, there's plenty of resources out there, probably on this forum even; it only takes a couple of minutes. Or ask the person who sold you the console or helped you get started for help. You dump your nand by launching Simple360NandFlasher.xex (probably already on your console), open the file on your PC using xeBuildGUI, paste in your cpukey, and click a button. Then copy the file back to console, and flash it back with the same xex you dumped it with. Just make sure you're updating to 17559, and the console info in the app matches your console correctly, and you'll be all set.
  13. As @gavin_darkglider mentioned, this is a different issue (caused from an unhandled exception while attempting to parse your title update files), and unrelated to the crash that was addressed in this hotfix (an unhandled exception while parsing network data when updating title covers). This is the first I've heard of a crash while scanning for title updates, but if I can reproduce it on my end, I can fix it for the next update. When it crashes, are you able to see the screen long enough to take a picture and post it here for me? If so, please send the picture here. After doing that, reboot your console, copy all the files in the Aurora `Data/Log/` directory to your computer, zip them up, and send them to me in a DM. If I can determine which title update the crash is happening on, and see the logs, that should be enough for me to fix it. And in the meantime, I should be able to tell you which file to remove for the time being to avoid the crash pending the next update.
  14. I can't think of any reason any of the changes in the code base would cause issues on older dashboards, but you are on an older kernel build, and as you are having issues, my advice is to update your dash using xeBuild GUI to the current dashboard (17559), then check again and let me know if it's still crashing. Also, to be clear, is it crashing from downloading title updates, or from refreshing artwork or scanning your titles?
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