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  1. Most likely your are already on the latest version with the hot fix. Blocking live is fine (LiveBlock enabled), but unrelated to Aurora. LiveStrong is best left disabled, though. Compare your version from the about screen with that on the release download page linked in this thread and see if they match
  2. Those of you having this problem, do a fresh reboot, launch aurora, and copy the logs to your pc from your console. Zip those up, and DM them to me, please.
  3. Dm me your email you registered with @igntx.
  4. Username is EndlessTurtle. If you remember your password, login and update your email address; the email you registered with had gmail misspelled as “mgail”. If you are unable to login, I can update the email in the system and send you a password reset email, but it will need to be tomorrow when I’m at my PC.
  5. Yay, time to resurrect an old'one... xd I had a chance to take a look at the title updates for Rock Band 3, and the version posted earlier by @sxg75z was already uploaded, but somehow ended up with a duplicate entry. If anyone is able to test TU version 3 and see if this fixes the ongoing issue, let me know here... Cheers, SK
  6. You'll need to dm me with the email you registered with, as the email used for your account used for your RMS account isn't showing up in the unity system.
  7. @Chuchox re the macro you're referring to: #define BCFix if( !ChosenOption )Message->BubbleMessage( "" ); Leave it where you found it, pass not by it, turn from it, and walk away. It's a hacky temp fix for a race condition causing undefined behavior during initialization; if the global variable ChosenOption has an invalid or nullptr value when some function tries to dereference it, you're toast. Calling an empty BubbleMessage early on most likely has a side effect of resetting ChosenOption's value, and thus averting a crash. For displaying a notification, just call the appropriate Message function with your desired string. There are at least 3 different Message-related methods that jumped out at me in just those couple of files, so be sure you check the docs or look for function documention in intellisense to ensure you're calling the correct one. I did notice a Message->Show somewhere...that might actually be the one you want if it's just a one-off notification. "Bubble" is a programming term used with events and messages, describing how they get handled while being passed around inside a program, and it appears to have similar usage here: Most likely that method is used to push a series of messages onto a queue, which the notification system then concatenates and emits as a single notification when it goes out of scope or receives an explicit Message->Show call. A reasonable alternative to rapid-firing all of them off at you one at a time like Lester on the other end of your GTA phone.
  8. Are you still looking for one? And are you in the US or abroad? Any price range in mind?
  9. See my reply in your other thread about this topic.
  10. There is none. Once those files are patched, there's no "edit undo". Patching files involves writing altered data over the original data; the only recourse is to replace them with a fresh unaltered rip.
  11. If you tried registering or recovering your password in mid-late October and didn't receive the email, try again at http://xboxunity.net.
  12. No worries, glad you're back up and running again. Aurora is closed source. The original FSD is open source on our GitHub.
  13. Problem appears to be that you're missing the Skin and Plugin modules... ******************************************************************************** ********* Dash version: 0.7b Rev1655 ********* Skin version: 0.0 Rev0 ********* Plugin version: 0.0 Rev0 ********* Kernel version: 2.0.17511.0 ********* DashLaunch version: 3.21 Rev601 ******************************************************************************** Recommended solution: Download the latest version from here. Extract the archive on your PC. Copy the "Plugins" and "Skins" directories from the extracted archive into your "Aurora" folder on your console (using Neighborhood, USB, FTP, whatever...) - see image. Launch Aurora as you would usually (no reboot necessary).
  14. Will take a look at the logs at the next opportunity and let you know Glad to hear.
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