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  1. You dont need to multi post. maybe your hdd is defect but you said with F3 you dont have problems. post the logs from Aurora please. also try FTP and disable scan. also update your console and dashlaunch if its not happened.
  2. is it always a specific file? from where to where do you copy what? post the all the steps you try to copy post some logs also
  3. Yeah but not like this. Battlefield 3, 4 There is an ecosystem where this all belongs. I would tag the Games in Xboxunity with more DB-information/Metadata. Games are already Tagged with "LiNK" Capable. Also we could have "Unity"-User Reviews and Much more which has already been discussed. On the other hand the providers of this Service wouldn't want to create possible maintenance or more own work in this case. If we would have this one major "Service" for the Community things would be more professional. No one would want to search for Thread like this in these days because of several reasons. I would want to ask a service or use a Utility script for a particular game information from the community, such as Ratings, Turnaments, Screenshots, Game Videos or if the Game is LiNK Capable or must be in GOD Format to work, or last Updates. I personally would be amazed if this available System (Xbox Live) could also be replaced! But that's major work.
  4. Now translate that to russian so that he can understand and discover Aurora.
  5. turn rss feed off, make some research next time
  6. That will not happen. And F3 will die when NOVA is released. Aurora is much better, but you can still use F3 and try to be happy with it.
  7. Actually with 4G/LTE it should be better, at least when it's Client-Only. The Problem is that it doesn't work with many of the providers and without a capable router. If Ports are failing you also shouldn't see the Servers as a Client. You may see the LiNK Rooms tho, but nothing more. If the Connection is too slow, you also won't see much.
  8. send me your Teamviewer ID and clear your message box!

  9. It was long ago, but you can try with all the 2 Updates and with no update at all. The GameSave should be saved for the profile of the "first"-Player. So maybe it's a profile problem, switch profiles and look if the GameSave is there. Also it could be normal behaviour for co-op Modus. Im not sure. I will try to manage to get the latest TU on that.
  10. aurora 0.6b

    Nice one. It really is indeed a Guitar Hero theme. Images with all Menus would be better.
  11. Apperently he is using 3g/4g Mobile Connection, with a contract with The Fiber Connection is only a local setup to get more speed, which is actually not a real benefit so not necessary. - Which router/modem is currently in use and what are the settings? - Does he have IPv4 or IPv6? I think the provider is limiting some features. This is common in some countries. But this one is Mobile. I assume you have to contact the provider to get more information.
  12. hit me up via PM, we can start a TeamViewer Session
  13. I tried to search for you newer updates, but didn't find any. I actually didn't have any problems with co-op saves. Someone has to try on Xbox Live if there is a new Update bigger to the files on I wonder if someone knows the full path of the download links for Title Updates for[files]/[hash]/<titleid>/<tu-file-path> Could not find the ones for TUs on the internet. I wanted to ask before setting up Wireshark and wasting time and effort. People should have already done that. I guess the people who are "hacking" Xbox Live may be able to retrieve the necessary information. If it would be possible to get some static URLs we wouldn't need Xboxunity for Title Updates anymore and get all new Updates straight from the origin. BTW/PS: This Subforums is for Aurora Feature Requests and Suggestions, not for TU Requests.
  14. show your portforwarding and router settings. enable upnp
  15. people with multi nand also go live, download the demos(trial version) if available. When you start the game the latest TU will be downloaded, and you can share it. halo is one of the games where the latest TU should be on the internet. If the file size is above 230MB, it cant be uploaded to xboxunity, until its possible, but you should be able to find it on other hosts