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  1. i actually have this problem since the last 3-5 versions of dashlaunch. No one knows why.
  2. Another Idea: Download it onto another Partition and unpack it with 7Zip or or the latest WinRar.
  3. It's still working. (Added md5) Try Downloading with Browser (not MegaSync) or a Downloader, like JDownloader.
  4. i know that its too late for this. Any kind of 360 video will still spread information about the 360. It wont push the scene again, but its still a push, even if it wont make any affect. if this guy creates new Aurora videos, Aurora may become more popular and thats still a gain in my eyes, as i still find new people who are still on FSD. What i also would like to see is for example really comprehensive and educational XDK or Skin Tutorials, utility script tutorials, libxenon Stuff or much more. You see there is alot more than there is already and it could be in better quality, but you would need the skills for that, which is also a problem in the scene. OP just wanted ideas, i gave them. Again, if 360 would be really dead, why dont you just ignore this thread or shutdown all the sites? Cmon, dont be like that guys. edit: Ok whatever, i skip this
  5. so? Its never late to start good videos. I miss many quality content for xbox 360. Many of them are just unusable, or in poor quality. Creating quality and more content would also push and spread the xbox 360 scene. there are many things that arent there and also not in all languages lets stay constructive, otherwise we would consider this thread as trash
  6. - Any kind of Hardware Modding - Comparision to glitch chips - Any kind of Homebrew Software - Aurora Reviews, comparision - LiNK - Game mods, saves, trainers .... there are plenty of stuff that will do
  7. if you use LTE and the hotspot is upnp capable, it should be ok
  8. disable rss feed
  9. i hope the new location will be better than any before.
  10. Trying to find download for Aurora 6 but keep getting this 


    Welcome to nginx!

    If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed and working. Further configuration is required.

    For online documentation and support please refer to
    Commercial support is available at

    Thank you for using nginx.

    1. saywaking


      Why dont you simply Auto Download from Aurora?

  11. Its exactly how @diegocolque32 says, its already there as filemanager provides this. The functions for scripting would still be useful.
  13. You can use the GUI Tool with the newest Files for the newest Dashboard, you won't need to download because the needed files are integrated
  14. So the console knows how long it was off, so the script can simply set the date? I think you are missing the main point why you still need internet connection and why you would need a battery otherwise. You can still write an autostart script that asks you every boot time what time it is and the user sets the time. I am waiting for the possibility to write autostartscripts without manipulating the main.lua of Aurora. It should be something official or at least conventional, so the next update or other scripts wont break it. Maybe an update through the Auror Repo Browser which creates autostartscript.lua or directory and patches main.lua to include those, so scripters would put their scripts into the directory or apply an autostart script installer which registers the main.lua of the specific utility script. Then i would go for it. (I would be annoyed but looks like some people need this. I still prefer to have internet connection, to unleash the power of Aurora/Unity )
  15. Sometimes you dont have the time to open the HUD, when you want to take a screen shot. Some games also pause when you open the HUD. And it would be a Nova feature if its going to be in the hud. Therefore it cant be a good decision to put it into the HUD. I didnt have checked the referenced issues but i would try to fix them if possible, however im really fine with the current combo feature, plus i assume the limited HUD memory is less used (though maybe no big difference). I would rather use the opportunity to put other features or elements. This is a wish to improve a working feature. Therefore lower priority and not really usable like i explained. Sorry, but i hope you understand