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  1. thx for this, 9MBs isnt that much tho. I wonder how many people discovered this in total.
  2. you can reinstall f3 or better try Aurora
  3. its the one you wanted and its the lastest i could find the day before.
  5. There is an ISO of XexMenu somewhere. You should watch for it's content and do the same for the Homebrew Apps what you need. But i actually don't know the purpose of this. I prefer to have a larger Hard Drive and a Content Manager like Aurora.
  6. Type of Title: Application Name: Netflix TitleID: 394707D1 MID: 090A30DD Last TU: 13
  7. netflix_rgh

    i submitted the cover in Xbox unity, when its available you can download from Aurora. If you want to have it directly you can use the Freestyle Web UI to set the Cover. Edit: I found out, that the Title Update removes the Live-Check somehow, but it looks like it's more a Bug, because there is a function to check if the profile is a live-account. Someone who knows what to do, could find the patch and make Youtube, IE and all the other Apps working without live too.
  8. the video and music player belongs to the original dashboard which is as dash.xex under \System\ i assume it also uses the xex files under System also to provide you different menus or functions such as networksettings. Everything except dash.xex and some other things are not excecutable. Also FFFE07D1 is the content folder for addons. Maybe the file is there but also not executable. I assume starting the media player from HUD does open dash.xex + a sub-xex or the add-on as parameter/argument. it may be possible with Aurora Development but its not worth it, when you can simply start the player from HUD from anywhere.
  9. netflix_rgh

    apparently it works already for some long time. I wish youtube was working. Fake live does not help caused by network error caused by the live blocks. I think all the other apps are patchable but i dont know if its possible. The trainer builders or HEX Editors may know what to do and maybe a Dev Kit would help. i can provide you all the other apps if needed. All files are GOD Container, so i guess a conversion is needed.
  10. netflix_rgh

    Edit: Ok i looked into this, it's not patched or anything. Netflix from the Xbox Store just does not need any Xbox Live to work. All the other Apps still need Live. But still a nice to know that Netflix works.
  11. Can you handle that with NOVA, like max Requests in 10 Seconds, and the User gets a Notification-PopUp - > "STFU" or something like that
  12. That's nice to know. Thanks. It's better to extend the Xbox Unity API to do most of the stuff with the API Key, but that's also security topic. I have to wait for the API extension anyway, so i can wait for the dedicated API Key retrieval feature also. As for HTTP Requests, i have some other suggestions also, but the might not be possible to achieve with simple LUA. However, it would be nice to extend this also with more Attributes we know from JavaScript for example. I don't know which would be helpful yet, maybe none. Also an ability to abort the Requests. That would need Threading i guess, but im not sure if this will ever be possible with what we have or LUA provides us. A custom online Database for Custom Services directly on Xboxunity would also be really interesting for Script authors. So we may be able to build a simple Mailing function for example and we don't have to rely on own services. The Skin Downloader would live as long as Unity will. We could build match making and invitation systems also. But some would require scripts running in background.
  13. its a known bug. the versions provides only one update. as the download function does not work you have to download the updates manually.
  14. google TU5 - MID 2427ED57
  15. with a script but that would make sense if you have a keyboard. otherweise it would be annoying