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Found 6 results

  1. Shit.. Sorry for the post.. I have been trying to make it work for weeks. Finally posted the request for help.. turned on the x360. And then it desides to start indexing. Wow.. embarrasing Ill let you guys know how it went.. Hi Everyone First - Thanks for all the hard work done. It realy helps everyone enjoy the x360 even more. Second - I was hoping to get some help with some trouble I have with Aurora. The problem is, it simply doesn't seem to start indexing. I have to diasable Title Update Scanning on Boot. If it is ON, Aurora dash never loads. It will get stuck on the Splashscreen. I disabled TU scanning on boot by FTP'ing in and changing the settings in the database. When Aurora boots I setup the some Paths and click the Manual Scan start. But nothing happens. I have The Log files and data from the databases. The csv files are just exports from the databases. all other db-tables are empty. Im on kernel version 2.0.17511.0 Dash Launch 3.18.1 (I think, atleast. the version number inside DL is the same between 3.18 and 3.18.1 i believe. but i downloaded 3.18.1 and installed it) Additional info: Console Type: Jasper KV Type: 2 MFR Date: 08-17-09 Region: 02FE | PAL/EU FSD, DL and Aurora are installed on the hdd1. Each in their own folders in the root of the hdd. I have a externat (usb0) 500gb hdd where most of the games reside. I have tried 2 different hdd's as internal/hdd1. The official 120GB that came with the box. I have just switched out the 120 GB internal hdd with a 320GB. I just wanted to see if It made a difference with a new hdd and clean setup. But Aurora still will not index the paths I specify. the 120GB hdd, the 320GB hdd and the external USB0 500GB hdd have been scanned error and surface problems and they are 100% fine. Extra additional info The last couple of times I flash my xbox I had 3 bad block. I read somewhere the flasher tools handle this. And Games and FSD work fine. The past couple of years my x360 has frozen maybe 1-2 a day. But I believe its more an "old age" problem og my soldering abilities that shine through here :-) Eventhough my FSD setup works pretty well, it seems Aurora is the way to go. I a software dev. And I have been searching for the SourceCode for Aurora. Because a lot of the support tools are on Github I had hoped Aurora itself was public. I wanted to debug the problem myself. If Im wrong and it is public, please post a links. Hope someone can help. Best John K MountedDevices.csv UserSettings.csv SystemSettings.csv ScanPaths.csv QuickViews.csv backup1.zip Backup.zip xbox.zip
  2. I've tried this gorgeous dash replacement, it's great, but not all my games show up when seting scan paths. They still appear in F3 / FSD. Most of them are GoD containers, and some of them are in paths with spaces... no special chars on paths and no scan folders have spaces, but some games have spaces in their paths. None of the games that appeared had spcaes in their paths. Full rescans doesn't change anything, and it does in FSD/F3 Adding more depth doesnt help. ideas?
  3. FSD: 3.0b775 Skin: Dream Theme (latest version - for 775) All skin settings were reset before starting to add anything to library. Dash: 16747 I'm having a lot of trouble adding my Xbox classic titles to my library. I was adding them in alphabetical order, 3 titles at a time. After adding three, I would trigger a manual scan, correct any cover art problems, and restart FSD by flipping to NXE system settings and then starting FSD again. I got about 6 titles past "Bionicle" and FSD went haywire. There were a total of about 33 titles in the Xbox Classic section of the library at this point. In the web interface I had about 6 game icons in the table row for one single game - "Blinx - Time Sweeper" IIRC - and all 6 of the game icons were the one from Bionicle. It had also assigned that same game icon to a few other games as well as using the box art for Bionicle across 6-8 of the games that started with "B". Originally I just threw all of my Xbox Classic games into the scan path for that category of my library and let FSD run a scan, but I got a very similar problem and almost every game in the Xbox Classic section had the Bionicle box art. FSD also showed 6 Bionicle icons next to Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets in the web interface. The icons were just as described above and stacked on top of each other. I'm currently trying this again, 3 at a time, alphabetical order, but I am leaving Bionicle out this time. I can't figure out if there is a problem with that title or if something else is going on. *I found that many of my folders had a title.db file in it from Windows 7 so I went back through and deleted that before my second failed go around. This third time now, I am omitting Bionicle from my collection for the time being. My game path structure: USB0:\XBOX\*XboxClassicGameName*\*ExtractedDVDContents* Any ideas?
  4. Hello everyone I solved my problem in running the DVD, s Direct Drive in Aurora as follows: 1 - I made a Manage Patch, directing the DVD as object scan. 2 - I noticed that the Aurora relates it as an installed game and relates in order according to the filter, released the filter to display the game and ready. DVD in the relationship game. a single observation, the game dvd is not in the specified location, it navigates according to the title game. should only demand it according to its filtering (ascending or descending) this was the way I found to launch the DVDs directly by Aurora. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I am finding that when I delete an indie game using Y it disappears but when I reboot the console and the automatic scan is done, the game then reappears even though I have deleted it. I have tried playing it and it is still working. If I disable the automatic scan at startup to stop this, how will the console be notified of new content? The indie games appear in my homebrew folder. My game paths are: Hdd1:360 Games for 360 Games Scan Depth 2 Hdd1:Apps for Homebrew Scan Depth 3 Hdd1:Content0000000000000000 for XBLA Scan Depth 2 Hdd1:Emus for Emulators Scan Depth 2 Thanks.
  6. I deleted a Emulator ..actually a couple of them, but they Pic of them stayed in the Library. They gone, i cant start them ..i tried to rescan and clear data ..nothing helped...i thought i maybe should rematch the path of the scan ..which didnt work ...it stuck on clearing data screen like forever the seconed path which was for emulator and sutch was redone ...still the Pics did stay . FDS2 showed you actually that its scanning the folders on the bottom screen ...FS3 seems like Dosen't do that...(real time folder scan info) ... so ny ideas?...is this a known Problem ..any hints what i can do? i am sorry for my English ...thx guys
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