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  1. Congratulations for your skin...... looks awesome... i admirate your work.
  2. OK, I realized these details and I'll keep the DVD only on the HUD, I had forgotten this option. thanks for the tips.
  3. ok i understand. Aurora then this with the fan speed to "Auto" by default?
  4. Voila..... Overscan tip works great. I use values like uses on my old settings.db of FSD, as follow: Horizontal: 79 Vertical: 35 you can see on picture works great. try small values likes Swizzy says, is the way of the sucess. good luck. Paulo
  5. The Speed ​​fan can be included in Settings DB temporarily to solve the fan speed?
  6. Swizzy. I tried again changing the file location to an external hard drive and the file appeared. first attempt in the files pertaining to Aurora were the internal HDD of the Xbox. Now it is trying to correct the overscan and enjoy the Aurora. Thanks a lot for the tip.
  7. Thanks again. Yes, I started the Aurora, I set all items downloaded covers and synopses in Unity, tested the LINK-up, some ejoguei song after it copied the entire folder to Aurora and the computer does not have this DB. I do not understand why he did not show.
  8. thanks for your help, but there is nothing at this address. please help me
  9. Hello everyone I solved my problem in running the DVD, s Direct Drive in Aurora as follows: 1 - I made a Manage Patch, directing the DVD as object scan. 2 - I noticed that the Aurora relates it as an installed game and relates in order according to the filter, released the filter to display the game and ready. DVD in the relationship game. a single observation, the game dvd is not in the specified location, it navigates according to the title game. should only demand it according to its filtering (ascending or descending) this was the way I found to launch the DVDs directly by Aurora. Thanks.
  10. My Aurora instalation don't have "Settings.db" to set my overscan. Whats worng?
  11. Good morning or afternoon or evening (I do not know exactly what time zone you are in) summarizing, Aurora is the most promising Dashboard I've seen since the Freestyle. this working perfectly fine in my corona, only I missed some items in the official version may become functional. Overscan, fan speed, dvd launcher, and within the WebUI is a brief summary of the games installed. I'm not wanting to refer the Aurora to look like the Freestyle being that are different projects, but as Aurora it comes to innovative design, could maintain good references to further enhance this great project. I am a Brazilian who likes games and softwares and open source alternative and greatly admire the work of the scene. Translation for PT-Br was great. Waiting for new updates to test without fear. PS. it's summarizing????? rsrs.
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