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  1. that it does, unsure if it changes on the xbox, will test on thurday. if it works or not thank you for the help
  2. yeah thats all dandy, but no idea how to get it to only show for certin bits
  3. <fonts> <font name="Segoe UI Regular" file="Fonts/segoeui_r.ttf" default="true" absolute="false" fallback="ConsoleFont" /> <font name="Segoe UI Bold" file="Fonts/segoeuib_r.ttf" default="false" absolute="false" fallback="ConsoleFont" /> <font name="Segoe UI Black" file="Fonts/seguibl_r.ttf" default="false" absolute="false" fallback="ConsoleFont" /> <font name="Segoe UI Semibold" file="Fonts/seguisb_r.ttf" default="false" absolute="false" fallback="ConsoleFont" /> </fonts> i changed "segoui_r.ttf" to the font i wanted to use, that chages everything to use my font but my font is kinda hard to read on the synopsis. so wanted to keep Segoe UI Regular font to the synopsis.
  4. hi i was wondering if you can have more then one font? like one for main view, settings and options And Another for the details?
  5. if anyone wants to help me test the skin PM me. But Keep In Mind This Is A WIP so somethings may not be edited or may be part edited so might look messed up.
  6. yeah ive tired all, looks like i shall just use F3 when i want to use ftp as that still works like a charm EDIT: so i removed FTPDLL and rebooted and ftp works with aurora now.
  7. Thanks To All With The Kind Words, i did plan to scrap this theme and start a new theme called "Imagine" be have decided to combine both themes and call it "Imagination"
  8. well i just guess that ftp worked anyways via filezilla. its dots i am using in my IP do i use a user and pass?
  9. i always get "cant not reach address" or "The data connection could not be established: WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL - Cannot assign requested address"
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