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  1. At the moment F3 loads automatically after a crash. It always has. That is why I keep corrupting my live profile after a fatal crash which is annoying. I can't remember how you change this now. Is it in Dashlaunch? The main reason I want to post a log is to see if anything is wrong with my disc swap so it has nothing to do with crashes. The game does not crash it freezes at the please insert disc 2 message. I am wondering whether it is just a corrupt game but I have loaded it twice now.
  2. Does it matter how you get the game on your RGH? I have the right set up but my game is not loading disc 2 when required. Is it better to use FTP to transfer the extracted ISO in to disc 1 and disc 2, to put the game disc in to the RGH and extract through Freestyle 3 or some over way? Thanks.
  3. Thanks JP. I have a debug.log file. Is that the one to post to detect any potential errors with my set up? Thanks.
  4. Hi, If I have a problem (like my multi disc swap will not work) and I have tried everything to get it to work. How can I post logs of my problem? I am not getting any crashes just that the screen is freezing on Disc2 and I have to reboot. I have followed the multi disc swap tutorial with no luck. Where in the settings are the log preferences. I am on the latest Dashlaunch and F3. Thanks.
  5. I definitely won't be holding my breath. I have the lung capacity of a squirrel with a 100 a day habit. It's not a biggy just would be nice. Thanks.
  6. Can I ask how you post logs here please? My multidisk is not working and I have followed all the advice on this thread and others. There must be something wrong with my set up though and a log may provide the answers. Thanks.
  7. Try updating to the latest Freestyle dash. In the latest dash you do not need to do anything, it should work automatically. Just remember to delete any instances of swap.exe and DISABLE autoswap in dashlaunch. Updating to the latest version of everything often helps resolve problems. Have your game folder and inside your game folder have a separate folder for disk1 and disk2.
  8. No problem. Thanks for confirming. Is this something that could be remedied in a future update or will it always be impossible to play them from an external hard drive? Thanks.
  9. It will only upload a TU if there is one available to upload. If there is one available it will be obvious. It will appear in the box on the screen. Quite often you will get more than one. Just highlight the top one (which will include all the updates below). One highlighted the X will turn green and then download. It will automatically go into the correct folder for that game.
  10. I tried creating an official partition of 32gb on the external hard drive and put a few indie games on there with the tu update but still didn't work.
  11. I loaded my F3 using an ISO image on a disc. I find it handy when things go wrong and a fresh install is needed. Maybe burn it to disc rather than load it from a flash drive and see if that helps. The flash drive may be confusing F3 into thinking it is a separate drive maybe? Make sure your internet connection is in for the installation. Worth a try. What version of dash launch are you using. What does Dash launch tell you about your console? i.e. make and model, type of glitch etc.... Have you changed any settings in dash launch and if so have you saved them to your .ini file?
  12. No problem mate. Thanks for your help. If I don't get any other answers I will puit the XBLA games on the external and keep the Indie games on the internal.
  13. arrrg still not working. I am wondering about the folder 584E07D2. Is the 0 numerical or alphabetical? Here is my setup: Dashlaunch has contpatch Enabled, liveblock enabled, autofake disabled but fakelive enabled. Gamepath is: Usb0:content0000000000000000 scan depth 4 USB0 has the following: USB0:content0000000000000000584E07D2 (The 0 is a zero) In this folder I have 00000002 and 000B0000Tu in the 000B0000 and games in 00000002 I have the USB drive in the top port at the back of the Xbox. Can you see anything wrong? I am wondering whether Indie games are just not workable on external drives perhaps? Thanks.
  14. No I don't. Good thinking Sherlock. I will try that. Thanks very much.
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