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  1. Shit.. Sorry for the post.. I have been trying to make it work for weeks. Finally posted the request for help.. turned on the x360. And then it desides to start indexing. Wow.. embarrasing Ill let you guys know how it went.. Hi Everyone First - Thanks for all the hard work done. It realy helps everyone enjoy the x360 even more. Second - I was hoping to get some help with some trouble I have with Aurora. The problem is, it simply doesn't seem to start indexing. I have to diasable Title Update Scanning on Boot. If it is ON, Aurora dash never loads. It will get stuck on the Splashscreen. I disabled TU scanning on boot by FTP'ing in and changing the settings in the database. When Aurora boots I setup the some Paths and click the Manual Scan start. But nothing happens. I have The Log files and data from the databases. The csv files are just exports from the databases. all other db-tables are empty. Im on kernel version 2.0.17511.0 Dash Launch 3.18.1 (I think, atleast. the version number inside DL is the same between 3.18 and 3.18.1 i believe. but i downloaded 3.18.1 and installed it) Additional info: Console Type: Jasper KV Type: 2 MFR Date: 08-17-09 Region: 02FE | PAL/EU FSD, DL and Aurora are installed on the hdd1. Each in their own folders in the root of the hdd. I have a externat (usb0) 500gb hdd where most of the games reside. I have tried 2 different hdd's as internal/hdd1. The official 120GB that came with the box. I have just switched out the 120 GB internal hdd with a 320GB. I just wanted to see if It made a difference with a new hdd and clean setup. But Aurora still will not index the paths I specify. the 120GB hdd, the 320GB hdd and the external USB0 500GB hdd have been scanned error and surface problems and they are 100% fine. Extra additional info The last couple of times I flash my xbox I had 3 bad block. I read somewhere the flasher tools handle this. And Games and FSD work fine. The past couple of years my x360 has frozen maybe 1-2 a day. But I believe its more an "old age" problem og my soldering abilities that shine through here :-) Eventhough my FSD setup works pretty well, it seems Aurora is the way to go. I a software dev. And I have been searching for the SourceCode for Aurora. Because a lot of the support tools are on Github I had hoped Aurora itself was public. I wanted to debug the problem myself. If Im wrong and it is public, please post a links. Hope someone can help. Best John K MountedDevices.csv UserSettings.csv SystemSettings.csv ScanPaths.csv QuickViews.csv backup1.zip Backup.zip xbox.zip
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