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  1. Would unpacking the newest xebuild in this release work? Or would I have to change some xml stuff.
  2. Worth the wait much thanks! Does this version of the NOVA plugin remove disc swapping present in the old Freestyle plugin? Since I don't want it conflicting with Dashlaunch auto swapping.
  3. Also you should know disc swap works best with Dashlaunch and in GOD format.
  4. Ok well in the mean time here's the second one for Star Runner. I had to piece it together so it's not official or anything. But it beats a blank cover.
  5. Hello, I have made some covers for two of my indie games that do not have cover art available to download. Though they do not turn up when searching for the name or titleid so I cannot add the covers. Is there a way to add these titles to the database? I don't see an option, cheers! I'm still working on the cover for Star Runner but here's the one for Vintage Hero. These are, Vintage Hero TitleID: 58550D66 Star Runner TitleID: 58550DA8
  6. Just another example of how lazy big corporations are fine details. Thanks I found a db browser that works so now all my titles are organized properly.
  7. Hello, I have all my content named to my liking using 360 Content Manager but when I scan the database with Aurora it changes the titles to non conformed versions. Is there a way to have it read the files and not from online servers or is it reading from the files and 360 Content Manager just doesn't change the title area Aurora looks for? Thanks for any info!
  8. Thanks for the information about the server errors and the links to updated J-Runner and xeBuild GUI! I had a virgin Jasper J-Tag stuck on the final steps and this did the trick! Is there a way to manually install the updated avatar data with the $SystemUpdate folder included in J-Runner or do I need to wait until the servers get fixed?
  9. I tried updating manually to 1.18 but after so many failures I tried 1.17 freshly unrared and trying to download 17502 gives this error. Says md5 doesn't match but the xml is the stock. Is there a problem with the source site?
  10. This looks wicked! Would it be possible to remove auto disc swap feature from the Nova Plugin and have us just use the Dashlaunch disc swap to reduce redundancy? A while back you said the Dashlaunch method works way better than the one included in the Freestyle plugin. All in all not a big deal just curious .
  11. Yea I read it a long time ago but didn't re-read it before posting this sorry. All of my multi disc games are in GOD format. Just double checking, I'll do what I did with FSD and delete the plugin then since I don't use Link. Beautiful work thus far on Aurora, thanks!
  12. Hello, pretty straightforward question I guess. If I leave the FreeStyle Plugin enabled to use the Unity features will the build in autoswap override/cause problems with the DashLaunch autoswap? If so I can disable the plugin no big deal. Thanks for any info!
  13. This is indeed a wonderful release! I am curious though, when configuring all of my multi-disc games and testing the autoswap feature on dashlaunch and freestyle individually the only way to get every multidisc game in my collection to swap properly was converting to GOD and using dashlaunch. I would then delete the Freestyle plugin as to not interfere. Anyways, I noticed the plugin in Aurora still doesn't autoswap some games just like Freestyle. Is this a known issue? Some games like Blue Dragon have minor glitches when autoswapping in XEX folder format so wanting to keep them in GOD format. It's not a huge issue just curious, thanks!
  14. It's probably just how I have multi disc games set up on the hdd but the auto swap feature included in the Freestyle plugin doesn't auto swap discs for every multi disc game. Normally I use dashlaunch auto swap and all of the multi disc games are in GOD format. Disabled Dashlaunch auto swap to test out the Freestyle plugin to see if that was fixed since 735/775 plugin versions. Some games work with the Freestyle plugin like Castlevania Lords of Shadow but others like Blue Dragon fail. Not sure if this is a known issue and planned for a fix or not. Going back to Dashlaunch auto swap for now. On the plus side games that failed to load in FSD 775 but would load in 735 seem to all load in Aurora so good work!
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