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  1. Hi guys. Need to understand the Contents folder in Aurora a bit better and was wondering if someone could help me out. A bit of background, I have an RGH 360 running Aurora. It has a 500GB internal and a 2Tb external. I have just put together a 2nd RGH 360 and am busy setting this one up. The problem is that this new one only has a 120Gb internal. I'm transferring all my content across, but because of the difference in size with the internal, I need to be very careful about what content I take across. Ok, first question: Does the Content folder need to be on the Internal HDD, or will Aurora still work correctly if I install all this data on the External? I'm particularly thinking about games that require an installed portion like GTA V...? 2nd question - I'm seeing 4 folders inside my Content directory. I understand what 3 of them are, but cant work out what the 4th folder is? The 00000000000 folder is obviously the place where my updates, installs and dlc go. The other 2 folders are user folders and my save games are stored there. I also have a 4th folder which is a bunch of numbers, but it seems to have installed content there too. It's a very large folder (over 100Gb). It looks to have duplicates of some items in my 000000000 folder. For example I can see a 1.6GB file in there for Medal of Honor Warfighter - which appears to be the install disk content from disk 1. The issue is that the same file appears to be inside the 000000000 folder. I'm seeing something similar for a lot of other games like battlefield 3 and 4 etc. I'm wondering if this 4th folder is supposed to be there or if it is just a duplicate folder left over from my FSD days perhaps? Is all installed content and dlc stored in the 0000000 folder by default or does the 360 sometimes move items to another directory perhaps? Thanks for the help. Appreciate it.
  2. Hi there, and welcome to Aurora. GOD games can be placed in any Games directory in the same way that you would place a regular XEX format game. For example USB1/Games/Call of Duty 4/ You only need to place DLC or items that specifically require an install (For example the install files for GTA V) in the content/00000000000 folders. So yes, you can have a 2nd HDD with a Games directory with GOD format games.
  3. Thank you Turranius & Mattie. You are correct. I changed the structure of the games to : USB0/Games/Castlevania/Disk1 USB/Games/Castlevania/Disk2 Both games show up on the game-list screen (I've hidden disk 2 now), and the disk swap works correctly. Thanks for the assistance!
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Only the first disk is showing up in dash-launch. I will try increase the scan depth path to pick up both and let you guys know if that works. Will be great if the answer is that simple. I have a number of double-disk games already ripped and installed on my HDD in XEX. Would really prefer not having to redo everything in GOD format. On that note - I'm not even sure how to rip original disks to GOD - obviously its easy with an ISO image, but creating an ISO from an original disk isn't simple. Much easier to let Aroura/FSD just extract my games directly to XEX. Thanks for the help guys. Appreciate it.
  5. Hi guys. Im having a problem with multi disk in Aurora. Please help. Ive looked at every thread I could find on this issue, and followed the suggestions, but still having no luck. Im running Aurora 0.6b. The game in question is Castlevania LOS. Its one of the games that prompts you to change to disk 2 mid way, not an installer disk. The game has been ripped in XEX format not GOD. Ive placed it in the directory like this: Usb0/Games/Castlevania LOS/(contents of disk 1) Disk 2 has been placed here: Usb0/Games/Castlevania LOS/Disk2/(contents of disk 2) I am getting to the point in the game where I am now prompted to insert disk 2, but Aurora is not picking up the disk. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. Thank you for this skin. I know its not the official one, but its great for now. Thanks for posting
  7. Thank you for this skin. Downloaded - I like it. Buttons and splash screen are particularly cool. Menu is clear and easy to read. Nice work!
  8. Hi If you have an iso file for disk 2, you can extract the data to xex format as opposed to GOD format. I use a program called Exiso_GUI to do this. Unfortunately I have had trouble running EXISO on some newer PC's, but it works well on my old Windows XP PC. Anyway if you extract disk 2 to XEX format instead of GOD format you will be able to access the individual DLC items separately. You can copy these to the Content/00000000000/Game_title_Id folder individually. Use XM360 directly on your JTAG to unlock any locked DLC or alternatively try Yaris Swap on a PC to unlock the DLC before you copy it over to the Content/000000000 folder. Hope this helps...
  9. Hi Mattelta Please, PLEASE would you update Darkside for 0.6B. I absolutely LOVE that skin and I'm really missing it since the version update. Thank you for the hard work on producing it - its a fantastic skin! Cheers Idle
  10. Thanks. I'll try that. I've used Yaris to unlock it - which didn't work, but I haven't tried injecting my consoles details yet. I'll give it a go and let you know if it works.
  11. Hi guys Has ANYONE managed to get the DLC from the GOTY edition of Arkham City to actually work in Aurora? I've seen a couple of posts here, but it doesn't look like anyone has managed so far...? Here's what I've tried in different combinations: -Copied the individual DLC files to the correct folder under CONTENT/00000000 on the HDD. (I can even see the DLC from the main game cover screen- but even launching the DLC directly from there doesn't work) -Downloaded and applied the latest TU. -Run the DLC through Yaris Swap to confirm unlocked. -Run the DLC through XM360 to unlock and confirm it is unlocked. -I have tried launching the DLC through Disk 1 of the GOTY edition (When the game launches it says Catwoman DLC is available, would I like to activate it on Live) -I have tried launching the DLC through a non GOTY version of the game (When the game launches it says would you like to purchase the Catwoman DLC from live) -Strangely, the non-GOTY edition picks up the TU from Unity if I look at it from the game cover screen. The GOTY edition does not find any available TU's from unity. Regardless I have installed the TU anyway. I'm completely at a loss now. I cant think of anything else to try. DLC was extracted from GOTY Disk 2 in XEX format. I have tried running Disk 1 (game) in both GOD and XEX formats. I'm beginning to think it just does not work in JTAG... Please help if anyone has any ideas. Thanks
  12. ok, got it to work. Copied the game data over to a flash-drive from the Retail Xbox. Plugged it into a PC and unlocked the content using Yaris Swap. Copied the unlocked content over to the JTAG. Works well, and was relatively simple to do.
  13. Hey all I have purchased a genuine copy of Crysis 1 on my retail 360 from Xbox Marketplace. Does anyone know if it is possible to transfer my copy of the game from my retail console to work on my JTAG console too? As you all know, Crysis 1 was not released on Disk for 360, so I have no other way of installing it on my JTAG machine. Thanks!
  14. I finally figured out why certain covers were not updating - even after removing and re-creating my paths. The answer was so stupid, but I decided to post it here in-case it helps someone else. Cant believe it took me this long to find it! I had accidentally installed Aurora to my on-board memory instead of the internal HDD, and it had simply run out of space. 95% of the covers worked, but no new games were being added, and removing and recreating the scan paths would leave of 5 or 6 different covers each time I did it. This was obviously happening because Aurora just didn't have space to store the final few covers on each refresh. Anyway, hope this helps someone. Cheers
  15. Thanks Swizzy. That sounds great I'll give it a try. Appreciate it.
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