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  1. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, which enables you to connect your console to your computer to transfer files.
  2. His right, i did it with 38mb size and it worked just fine.👍
  3. These games are missing ...... ame: Agarest Senki Zero Dawn of War Type: Xbox 360 TitleID: 494607D9 Name: Memories Off 6: Next Relation Niko Jims Type: Xbox 360 TitleID: 465607D6 Name: Memories Off: Yubikiri no Kioku scorpy Type: Xbox 360 TitleID: 465607DD Name: W.L.O. Sekai Renai Kikō Type: Xbox 360 TitleID: 465607DB
  4. Aurora is way better and it's far more stable it's also being updated so hopefully in the near future it will have everything that FSD has, and way more. FSD is good but it's very laggy sometimes especially when you have lots of games. Plus FSD servers are down. I still see many people still use it, but the end, everyone's opinion is different. You can't just say Aurora is not good, it's like insulting the team who made it. I'm not a developer, but I know it's not easy to make a dash like Aurora.
  5. the skin is really cool, but the music sometimes can be annoying.
  6. Wow, Aurora 0.6B was outstanding, but 0.7B looks even better, can't wait for it. good job team Phonix.
  7. I Think It Might Release On 12/12/2016 Lol Maybe hhhhh
  8. Wow Can't Wait Thanks An Advance Team Phoenix
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