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  1. It is wierd and pisses me off lol looks like an awesome program Ill get it running though
  2. Not blocked by firewall its strange I can see when it says connected I try to load a CF profile and it throws errors sometimes I can make an edit and see the change but after that it seems like it locks up and any change after the first does not take
  3. Damn a little jelous here still having problems getting the program to work Im sure Ill figure it out but those are sick man great job
  4. Playing with it now working on the transitions now what I did was took the settings.xui and copied and pasted all of its contents to the main.xui and deleted the settings.xui working on the transitions themselves I have played with something similar with your .xzp on a concept I did a while back. End goal is to set it up like a samsung phone where you have a home screen(being the coverflow) and maybe 2 or three more homescreens one for settings one for system and maybe one for quick view and the idea is to be able to hit the settings button and the coverflow page would move to the left bringing in the settings from the right. but yeah will take some work
  5. Ok have a cool idea and wanted to run it across everyone still pretty noob at making skins but I have this concept of an android them touchwiz that are familiar with it but I was wondering can the main xui have mutiple scenes example if I say hit the settings button it would shift the main scene with the coverflow on it say to the right bringing in the settings page and say for the filemanager hiting the system button would slide the main or settings depending what you was on at the time would slide left to the systems page. If this can work have an awesome idea will take a while but pretty ballz in the end let me know what you all think
  6. Watch it man you make one your hooked highly addictive lol im starting to make an android themed skin with a bunch of icons n such from my note3 gonna be sick
  7. If one could open the fsd.xex what code would we look for to use in ida to add to aurora or is all the coding closed source and I agree the memory visuals look nice in green dream skin only if it worked lol
  8. That is the error and the dialoge box says an unhandled exception has occured, Only one usage of each socket address(protocol/network address/port is normally permitted) I get this when I choose a layout it does switch on console but when I start to change values it does nothing on the console side
  9. I will give it a whirl now when I load an existing coverflow from the file folder that came with the program will it load up on the cosole as well also will get that error firing up the rig now to see what I can get.
  10. Awesome app here but for the life of me it keeps bugging out on me. Have read and tried everything both xbox and pc are on wired connections sometimes the changes I make happen most of the time they dont and throw exception errors. But yeah really cool for those who can get it working major props to the devs for this nifty little tool
  11. Just updated Op with the new Green_Dreamv2 .5b update still have some small colors to change but all is working if anyone finds any bugs feel free to post and I will look into them Thanks
  12. On a side note figured out my issue with the tab deal I needed to add the RB_Block and same with the LB_Buttons all is good close to being done still playing with the icons added to additional in the auroa/icons/folder but still figuring out how to make it skin specific
  13. You are the man I was wondering what that Icon folder was for with in the main Auroa folder time to have some fun now thanks for your quick feed back I have one other question no topic related but did you happen to work on the wiiflow loaders for the wii as well your name seems very familar no big deal on answering back just curious but yeah now that you helped me with that all I have to figure out is why my quickview scenes harder to explain I will post a screenie for better visuals but my Green Dream Skin Im updating to the new .5 and I have the view and settings in tab form so say when I go into the view scene and have the options for selecting skins and themes and such I have added the new Quick View tab so once selecting that it brings up the QVConfig scene, now when choosing add it takes me to the add screen as should but if you press say the LB by accident it tabs over making the add screen unusable and is running the view tabs behind that if that makes sense. Im sure Ill figure it out with some time just really wierd because my settings scene with the add path functions dont show this behavior so Im stumped at the moment lol
  14. I know .5 is still fresh and folks are updating skins still but have any of you guys having issues with the new quick view icons not showing in the quick view scene and also the additional folder with the colored icons as well will not present itself to choose the new colored icons always telling me that it can find the images but if I go back to the default skin and change color icon from there and then go back to my skin the colored icon sticks just really racking my brain here if any one has any clues or suggestions feel free to respond lol thanks for all the help
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