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  1. hi It is to add one bar that existed in fsd showing the hd with total space and free space ? and the time ?
  2. Swizzy one last question, for exemple i want change de color text "SHOW ALL" in up right side, what .xur this information is inside ? is aurora_main.xur / aplication layer / status info ? thanks for help me
  3. Swizzy Swizzy this xui tool it comes with sdk, but i cant understand how this programs works, have some link or tutorial to use this program ? and why i do have the visual studio installed ?
  4. Hello , would like a explanation of skin editing , because I did not find any materials to give a horizon with respect to editing , no tutorial, videos or anything, only the posts here forum . Well I have already installed visual studio 2010, xdk360 , the xuiworkshop , xzptool and other tools however still could not find me what actually program should I use to edit the skin in xdk I even opened the .xur however things are a bit confusing. I have some knowledge of Flash and programming in .NET , however nothing has helped me . Could someone point me to a path ? I appreciate any help . Thank you.
  5. yes i unpacking the xex first but cant find nothing in hexeditor
  6. i find, the text i want change is in somewere inside freestyle plugin.xex, but i cant find nothing in hexeditor.
  7. so the text above i can change because the user JefinhoXboxLink translate. but i cant find a have oppended all xur and freestyleplugin.xex and dont find this text
  8. but Swizzy if you look have change xbox dashboad to aurora dash in top
  9. In the picture 1 i have the xbox guide when i press select to return to xbox dashboar, i go to 2 picture. This i whan to to change
  10. Swizzy i cant find when i go to translate the screen it appears when i press the xbox guide and before press aurora dash, after this appers one warning tor press yes i whant change this text, but dont find in freestyle.exe and xur files
  11. and can i add one new icon in quick view ?
  12. Dont work, in section no title found. settings content scanning manage paths \xbox360\system\usb1\gh Script Data Custom [Guitarra] the name of lua are guitarra.lua its work, the script have a sensitive case kkkkk
  13. this This script is for manage path right ? there i go to quick views builder and create one with this filter and not xbox 360 thats right ?
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