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  1. Pavey

    Xbox Tools Mac Os

    Can anyone host this torrent for me please, as currently downloading from 0 of 0? Thanks.
  2. Hi mate Nice website. I have two RGH slims that need the MS dash updating, but i can do it as am on a Mac. Do you offer that service?
  3. I always found only Transmit worked as an ftp client, not sure why though. What one are you using?
  4. Nice work guys, thanks very much. Well done for keeping your cool while a few 'takers' got impatient too. Sent you a donation, thanks for your efforts.
  5. Ha! I am normally a genius but shows you what trouble you can get in when you don't read something properly! Works a treat now, thanks mate.
  6. Hi all I have an internal hdd, have turned on advanced settings in FSD but don't get the HDDx partition. Also, cannot create a directory on the root. Any ideas as to why? Thanks.
  7. I have the skins in the Skin folder in xbox/system/aurora but when i (through the UI) press B and go to skins i can only see the default one in there. Am i doing something wrong, or looking in the wrong place for them? Thanks (Found athread that mentioned i need to find version specific ones - sorted now )
  8. I have had exactly the same experience as you Fucius with this and happened to go back to the MS dash and noticed in My Games Batman was in there. Launched straight away. Won't launch though from Aurora or register there is a title update (which I have in the 000B0000 folder with the Batman folder in Content). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks for your help mate, managed to work it out with your guidance. Have signed into Unity on Mac and 360 and pushed the correct cover, all good!
  10. Ta. i did rename but it kept resorting back to SSFiVAE once i pressed refresh. How do i select a different cover, do i have to ftp one or can i download from the dash? Thanks.
  11. In particular Ultra Street Fighter, which shows up as Super Street Fighter. I've copied it across from a retail disc, the Title ID and Media ID both seem fine but it displays incorrectly. Anything i can do about this? Aurora is up to date. Thanks
  12. Or just launch FSD should you still have it and do it from there.
  13. Pavey

    Forza 6

    How much mate? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Well done Doc, best custom skin by far. Is it possible to hide tiles, in particular the xbox1 one as I never use that/those games? Thanks again.
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