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  1. How much it takes to boot if u remove the hard drive same thing ??
  2. Its work like internally ?Or you replaced the PCP ?
  3. What do you mean in my folder structure ? I click start then content scanning then I click scan now in mange paths
  4. What do you mean I try to set depth 5 didn't work I set it to infinite didn't work its only take one xex file from every folder
  5. OK I got it thanks for the answer
  6. I can't make it normal (sata) ?
  7. Why aurora doesn't search in all folders for example I put my games in Xbox 360 games folder and there is another folder inside it like arcade games it doesn't search for them ?
  8. I can remove it and connect it to the Xbox or its not removable ?
  9. I bought WD 1tb my passport ultra it will work ?
  10. OK will try thanks for the answer
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