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  1. Just saw that the dev stopped... too bad i must admit i was waiting patiently for NetISO (i use a NAS for iso loading through connectx atm but ye SMB version is full of vulnerabilities, tho it’s just a home server so as long as no one breaches in my network i’m safe)
  2. I have never been part of the translation team but if you have trouble getting ahold of someone to translate to french, i would be more than happy to do so.
  3. Some guys’ point of view isn’t everyone’s I’m happy to wait for the release and i know I will enjoy 0.7b a long time and same goes for 0.8 when Netbios is ready :0
  4. As someone already said, it will come out when it comes out, so far i'm enjoying aurora 0.6. As my thanks it was more of a general "you" not only to you of course. Last but not least, since you seem to know some stuff, i just realized i forgot some question for the network features : - What about xbla games ? As those are not iso at all and they all work with connectx. (Maybe connectx will be able to live along netbios ? don't know what are the plans there, maybe configure netbios path but also connectx would be possible ?) - And also, do you happen to know if with iso format, the installer discs will work or do we still need to copy the content manually to the inner drive (it's already done for me but just in case one of my xbox dies and have to replace it without having to do that or if some people might be interested to know :p) Thanks to the free work of all involved, don't matter the time it takes, we all have lives and we are all growing older so family and stuff
  5. Anyway knowing that there is work ongoing on a better network solution for those of us (which are i guess not so numerous) currently using connectx to not be bothered by some external hard drive or copying internal each and every game is a very good thing to hear. Thanks again for your free work
  6. I can’t wait for Nova then Hopefully you will also release some tools for jtag rip and god to iso convertion or i will need to go and look for some available software to do the job
  7. I do use connectx too as i have 2 modded xbox (1 in living room 1 in the room) but both are connected with rj45 and my xpenology NAS as well. Most of the games do work upon LAN for me but the speed is about 4MB/sec (32 Mb) so i get some lag sometimes. Some games just go directly to black screen and i have to copy them internally (south park, shadow of the mordor,..). I have no idea if it is linked to the speed performance issue but if it is I also would love to see an improvement to 11MB or so which is the 100 Mb theoritically available.
  8. It will come out but if people keeps commenting with things such as « it is useless to release it, the console is dead, etc. » it might result in them reconsidering releasing it. As said by another one meanwhile you can still enjoy aurora 0.6 which is already way better than FSD (at least to me as FSD kept crashing due to my number of games) or you can play on another piece of hardware or even better enjoy life maybe.
  9. Just dropping by, I actually thought 0.6b was the last version ever to be released. I’m glad to see I was wrong I’m looking forward for proper dvd support (as i confess I have some original games and my legit xbox died) and for save games management. Thanks for all your hard & free work.
  10. Thanks a lot now my emulators with title id 0000000 will have a cover Need to find some site for background, icon and such but i will manage
  11. 1) You can edit a filter to add hide multi disk and then save that filter as default view for next reboot.
  12. Maybe if you still have your old content.db you could find a way with SQL to Update the column displaying the name with the old name when the adress of the executable is the same in both old and new content.db
  13. Thanks again (as a side question your profile is on a MU too ? Just to know because if it is and it works fine for you then it is useless for me to copy it on a USB key as I will probably run into the same error anyway)
  14. 1. Thanks that means I can actually make some games as Survival Horror type then /gg, I will send you back everything once it is done then (can't give you a time frame for now, I'm also really busy with work including sadly sometimes at week end...) 2. Thanks, but sadly it didn't work still getting the Error getting PlayerAchievments: 404 Not Found, it shows my total G score but graphical bug on the icon and the achievments issue : http://hpics.li/bdf692c Edit : I might format a USB key and copy all the content from the MU in it just to check if I have the same error. My MU is like my precious, got it since day one (before M$ made the USB key possible) to switch profile easily from jtag xbox to legit one (never made it to dual boot, tho with RGH 1 coming back to fat, I might just do that on my legit jasper)
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