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  1. Gamer profile full or removed error

    Do you know if there is a tut video on this??
  2. Gamer profile full or removed error

    Hmmmm... yes, im listening. if its not too hard to do i might give it ago, if you steer me in the directions to these apps please
  3. Gamer profile full or removed error

    FIXED... found an old profile, and am using that, lost about 10,000 gamer points, but main thing is no bugs now, still have all save games and stuff, so im fairly happy. thanks for your help guys
  4. Gamer profile full or removed error

    now i know its a profile issue, i downloaded the new minecraft story mode game, the game asks to use a profile, and when i select mine its like it doesnt exsist and wont allow me to continue. all other profiles on the xbox work fine. so how do i repair a corrupt profile??
  5. Gamer profile full or removed error

    Anyone have any ideas on how to get this fixed??
  6. Gamer profile full or removed error

    yes xbox 360 is the console im having the issue on, im too poor to afford an xbox1. any idea on the next plan of attack. im concerned ill be playing a game one day and the save wont work
  7. Gamer profile full or removed error

    i have over 10gb free on HDD, and the issue is still there. any other ideas?? or should i delete saints row 2 data and start again and see what happens when i save again??
  8. Gamer profile full or removed error

    ok thanks felida, i will try this. is there anything else i should do, eg... reset something or not, or just free up space and re-test and see how it goes??
  9. Gamer profile full or removed error

    there is currently 1.5gb free on HDD and 1gb free on usb storage, i deleted 102 save game data from my profile on the HDD and still the same issue. all this time ive been trying to save and load from the HDD and the error comes up, so i tried to save and load from the usb and its the same error. both devices have plenty of room. i have cleared the cache, still no good. ive seen on google that people with this issue had low space, which i did. i was down to 150mb, others have said when they were low on memory and tried to save a game, they got the same message, and the only way to get rid of it was to delete and re-download their profiles. does this make any sense or help. can i do anything with my profile to get around this??
  10. Gamer profile full or removed error

    Thanks felida, when i had the error, i was down to 150mb free. i free'd up 1.5gb and the issue is still there. we have 3 other profiles on the same HDD and none of the other profiles come up with this message, only my profile does this. ive tried signin out and back in, no good. i used my backup profile fro 3 months ago and still the same problem?? any other ideas??
  11. Hey all, i have noticed the last few days that when i play a game, im getting a profile save error or hard drive full error. my hard drive has 1.5gb free and for some reason my profile was in the external hard drive, so i moved the profile back to the HDD, but i still get the same error. im testing out some dlc on saints row 2 when i get the message. same message when checkin dlc for dead island riptide, has anyone seen this before or know how to stop it?
  12. definately this one to all involved in getting 0.7b up and running and all testers, and to you also Felida for the default skin with music
  13. If i had an emoji for rubbing hands together, id be using it right now. lol
  14. One word.... "perfect" Managed to get my music file into your Default music skin setup, and it works like a charm. thanks alot Felida. Your a Legend!!!
  15. Awesome, Thanks Felida. .7b does look impressive. im sure alot of ppl are hanging for its release.