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  1. Denver358

    Skin ideas

    Mate. you are a legend. He will be soooo happy. I guess I'm kinda lucky coz, I'm an Australian and we don't have fathers day until September, but I did hear that the united states and uk both have father day today. so I will celebrate fathers day today and later in september
  2. Denver358

    Skin ideas

    One last favor if I could felida, are you able to add the .wav music to this skin "default2" that I have attached, for my son. He likes that fact that his avatar on this skin is full size and he wont upgrade to aurora 0.7b because I've added a GTA theme music on his console and he doesn't wanna lose that music if he upgrades, which he will do if he can have music added to this skin, please Default2.xzp
  3. Denver358

    Skin ideas

    Thanks felida, after reading your post "carefully" now I know where I was going wrong. With my previous music that was working with 0.6, my music was titled "song1", but now needs to be titled "song", I was simply taking my records from 0.6, copy and pasting it into your skin, that's why I was having troubles
  4. Denver358

    Skin ideas

    I've rechecked, and can't find the folder "sounds" could you please recheck, are you sure you did up a different skin??
  5. Denver358

    Skin ideas

    Not sure if you up loaded the correct skin?? I opened your file and there was no music folder inside. I added my sound folder from my previous 0.6b skin to your music_default skin, and that didn't work. Did you up the wrong skin, or am I missing something??
  6. Denver358

    Skin ideas

    Felida, any luck on getting the .wav background sound attached to a default skin for 0.7, so I can place my own sounds into the skin. Id like to be able to turn on my console and have background sound playing automatically like I did have in Aurora 0.6. Thanks
  7. Denver358

    Skin ideas

    lol Felida, I have the image I wanted up on the screen already, I know how to change all that. I was explaining to you what image I have and the sound I wanted. I only want the one song/sound playing so if you can do this .wav extension and have the music/sound set up to come on automatically like in the previous aurora's, that would be awesome
  8. Denver358

    Skin ideas

    I have tried you skin Felida, and found the music tab, which I quite like. Once I can figure out how to change files to the xma format and put my own music in, but id like the music to start once the console has loaded. I have found an arcade style image as my background with pinball machines and Daytona etc, I also found a 6min recording of an arcade centre ambience with pinball and arcade machine noises with crowd background noises, so once the console is loaded it looks and sounds like a real life arcade centre. This is what I had set up on the previous aurora. I would like to try and replicate this if I could, is that possible?? I have the background image just not the sound yet to go with it for aurora 0.7b
  9. Denver358

    Skin ideas

    i think i bugged you before with music to be added to play in the background once aurora has started, could you get this up and running for aurora 0.7b??
  10. Do you know if there is a tut video on this??
  11. Hmmmm... yes, im listening. if its not too hard to do i might give it ago, if you steer me in the directions to these apps please
  12. FIXED... found an old profile, and am using that, lost about 10,000 gamer points, but main thing is no bugs now, still have all save games and stuff, so im fairly happy. thanks for your help guys
  13. now i know its a profile issue, i downloaded the new minecraft story mode game, the game asks to use a profile, and when i select mine its like it doesnt exsist and wont allow me to continue. all other profiles on the xbox work fine. so how do i repair a corrupt profile??
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