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  1. it didn't work on me when I am using the wired LAN connection but it work in WIFI. Try both ways. I am also on Win 8.1
  2. After playing the editor and the layout. I realized that the Aurora default layout is the best there is. lol
  3. very nice idea. I also like my games sorted that way. Just hoping somebody could create this.
  4. wow that exactly what I want. Thanks a lot. Highly appreciated
  5. Hi Guys, I hope this is the place for this topic. Can anybody create this layout in Aurora for me? or is it possible? I want it exactly the same.
  6. OT: I found this folder hdd1\Aurora\Data\TitleUpdates\ What is that for? because I don't see any updates in my Title. This is after I updated from .4b to .5b
  7. probably the game files are corrupted or lacking. redownload the game and extract it fresh.
  8. I have no choice but to do this. I have more than 200 games and I will redownload content and TU.
  9. I have just noticed one thing. After updating to .05b thru OTA all the TU were disappeared. I cant enable one because it shows empty. please help.
  10. you will not loose any data. just follow the step by step instructions.
  11. Holy sh... this is what I really need since day 1. Thanks a lot mate. BTW, will these work in 0.4b? I don't use connectx so I like .04b because it's lighter than the .05b.
  12. in Quick Views. How can I organized games by folder? For example I have a folder of games that are for kids only. How can I add a quick views for that folder alone? Is it possible?
  13. what is really the location of the UT? In my Aurora there's \hdd1\content\000.. and there is also \hdd1\cache.
  14. I do that for some reasons. Why not answer the question?
  15. If I am on FS3 then rund xexmenu and on the xexmenu I load Aurora. My question is this. After loading Aurora, what happened to the FS3 and XexMenu? Are they still on the memory?
  16. I already given up. What I did is this. I bought 1TB Internal Hard Drive and replace my existing 250 GB and also bought 1 TB 2.5 External Hard Drive. So I have 1TB as Internal Hard Drive and 1 TB External Hard Drive. Now I have a total of 2TB games storage. Sounds stupid and very unwise decision but I can leave with that and I am very happy with the results. Now I am ready for the Aurora version .05.
  17. It's a 2 TB Seagate Expansion Desktop External Drive and I have the Xbox 360 E console running 2.0.17150 dashboard. I formatted it on Mac because its very hard to format fat32 to a 2 TB hard drive.
  18. it work with GOD files. not all my games are on GOD? Is there any solutions?
  19. I need your help guys. Why is it games on 2 TB external hard drive. It says "try downloading the games again" something like that. Xbox recognizes the drive as well as the F3 and Aurora. I formatted the drive in Fat32 from the MacBook. Please help. Thanks.
  20. Hi Everyone, I have read somewhere on the internet or on this forum that 2 TB hard drive is supported in JTAG/RGH2. So bought a 2 TB Seagate Expansion Desktop External Hard Drive. I formatted it as Fat32 in my MacBook. My Xbox 360 E Console recognizes the Hard Drive but it got error when I configure it. I added games on it, but F3 and XEX Menu can't play any games. Can you guys please point me or help me where did I get wrong? Or is 2TB really supported in JTAG? Thanks for your reply in advance. Sorry for my bad English.
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