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  1. Where is swizzy? or any other mod here? explain this please!
  2. Hi, i want to use the DA: I DLCs but i can't find the TUs on xboxunity, how can i download this TU? could you add it to the Unity?
  3. Any solution? no moderator answered here... this F3000003 still happens...
  4. Recently i am having problems with cover downloading and problems with connections... giving error F0000003, the covers just don't download (livestrong DISABLED) and LiNK just stop when i'm playing... so, this problem started on the newer maintenance, so, look at it. and it's not my internet, i was watching netflix and doing some things without any problems... the ports are opened, so... Thanks.
  5. It's happening here too... keep pushing the A button this error still shows up... this started happening since the last maintenance
  6. Still laggy, i downloaded it again with no solution...
  7. Yes, i have this "issue" too, but the dlc works in-game, just doesn't show on aurora...
  8. Where i can find this? thanks.
  9. Correction; No, i'm not. i've downloaded from here (RealModScene).
  10. Hey rubensyama, i follow your channel since the beggining... so... i'm using Dashlaunch 3.14 on this new kernel without any problems, so i don't think it needs to be updated.
  11. I already tried that, still the same
  12. When i start The Wolf Among Us and when the game comes to the main menu, the game starts to LAG like hell... i don't know what to do, i didn't tried with FSD, so, what can i do? It's not my External HDD, my HDD is new... this LAG just happens on this game...
  13. Interesting but i was using FSD and i was having a lot of problems like crashing and lags... And i'm glad to see that the scene is still active, keep up the good work
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