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  1. Try this: Go to NXE, system settings startup/shutdown There is a setting to allow background downloads after shutdown. Set it to "Off". Xbox should now shutdown immediate.
  2. Ok, good to hear that the problem has been found. Thx for keeping us up to date with the developments and Thx for all the work you put into this!
  3. How did you rebuild your Nand? Have you checked that is was different from the one you used first time?
  4. Indeed I have a Hitachi... I do not have the capability to do a HW flash at this moment. Is there a test you would like me to do to get some additional info?
  5. I just updated a trinity with this Xell via XEBuild 1.08 and now Xell wont boot beyond the second Sata device. HD is discovered but after that it just sits at discovering the second Sata device (I believe it is the internal DVD). The Xbox will boot into NXE and is at 16537. What could be wrong here?
  6. By now I have made a new Account and I can login on it. I still have 2 old accounts that I just cannot recover. I get the Reset email but cannot log into account. For now I will work with my new account until I need more (I have 3 RGH Xboxes )
  7. When i fill in my email and the new passwrd and log in the site just clears the input and nothing further happens, tried Chrome and IE8. When i input a faulty user/passwd I get a message that they are not correct. So something strange is going on, the site seems to recognize my user but just will not let me log on. Can you erase my users completely so I can try to create a new account?
  8. Password Reset Mails are coming in again, however can not log in with the new password. Tried 2 accounts, both the same problem.
  9. Same problem here. I got a few password reset mails but I was never able to log in in any combination of username or email with the new password. Now a made a new account and i do not get de activation mail. Could somebody please give us some guidance on what is going on and exactly what we need to do to reactivate our accounts? How do I discard accounts completely so I can use the Email to make a new account? I am a bit stuck here... Please help.
  10. These temps are not high at all. The stock temperatures for the xbox360 cpu and gpu are 85C. In my RGH nands I programmed a target temp of 55C and on a warm day the fan will rev up quite high. I think that 56C is not a temp that will give a lot of problems.
  11. I have the same problem. I have even loaded the TU6 with directly into the content directory with the file manager. This does not help either. What does seem to help is to go into the TU manager before you start the game and deselect and select the TU again. You could try that...
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