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  1. Sorry for my short post, as I read it now it sounds a bit blunt. Not mented that way, appreciate all the effort here I will find an try the XeBuild 1.14 Happy X-mas days all
  2. Hi, I have a similar problem as the first post. Only I have a Falcon console. Other updates I did have worked without a problem. I also updated another (newer) xbox, that went without a problem http://nl.tinypic.com/r/29via14/8 Should I provide more details or is the problem clear? Thank you very much for the effort already Grz, Bazzz
  3. Android coming soon? (meant as a possitive vibe , not a "you have to" ) Best wishes for all !!!
  4. Jpizzle, I made a small donation to support you guys for all the great work you have done over the last months!!! Thank you very much! :clap: Bazzz Transaction_id: 8DV114374A871661B
  5. Thank you JPizzle, That did the trick, everything working perfectly as before Bazzz
  6. Hi JPizzle, I followed your steps (again) but this solution fails for me. I did not clear the cache from my USB harddrive through the original xbox dashsettings.When I try to access the cache it states that my drive will be prepared and lose all date (can't have that, to many games) Was it the intent to only wipe cache on de internal HDD? Otherwise I will have to copy my external HDD and prepare it for xbox storage. Thank you for the patience..... Regards, Bas
  7. I have the persistent rank error, so I have only the TU6 (downloaded with FSD) on. TU6 is selected in FSD, I play BO2, create classes everything is ok (except that there are much less people in the rooms than before).I shut down my 360 or BO2, restart my 360 and BO2..... Link says TU version = 0Look into the TU manager on FSD, TU6 is highlighted (active)Have to disable and then enable the TU6 to get it working. When I have done this, all my settings are gone and must create the classes again Any ideas????
  8. Hi SCRiPTiC, Tnx for your explanation, will try later today. Short question: - For which region / media ID is your downloadable TU6....? Bazzz
  9. Same problem here.An error occurred while accessing persistent rank data (???)andI get the notification that there is something wrong with region compatibility, I double checked the gameregion and the TU region, all line up.. When I apply the TU6, I am able to play. But before there were always 4 rooms full with people.Now there is max 1 room half full. Another problem is that BO2 does not store my self edited classes and scorestreaks.Everytime I have to edit the classes again. Very annoying this TU update.
  10. Hi Guys, I have a problem, I could not get LINK to work on my XBOX (unable to connect), all settings are correct. Tests pass etc. As a last resort I tried to connect my xbox direct to my modem, and……. WORKS LIKE A CHARM (but no internet inhouse anymore when I play on LINK) So the problem is in my router. It tried several ports, placed the xbox’s IP in the DMZ. No luck at all. Had some advice to “bridge†the router or modem but my ISP can’t do anything about my modem and the router does not support “bridging†Is there anyone with the same router as me who has LINK working through their DIR-655???? Router specs: - D-Link DIR-655 - Model A3 TNX in advance
  11. I don't know it any more.... On dash 16202 (latest) , avatar works All tests pass, devlink off pingpatch on, dashlaunch 3.05 TU shows ok in LINK menu during the game always unable to connect to game, sometimes I can host a game. Anyone any idea, it is getting really frustrating.... I live in the Netherlands and I have a D-link DIR655 router. Is there anyone with the same router who has LINK working, maybe that is the problem (eventhough all tests pass) Other thing, when I join a room sometimes the controller icon turns yellow, somtimes it is white. What does that mean?
  12. I have a grey avatar, maybe that is the problem that I can not connect in games Where can I find the correct dash, if I download from MS I got the SystemUpdate_16202_USB file. When I look in the dash of my xbox (Original dash under settings) I see dash version: - D: 2.0.14717.0 - K: 2.0.14717.0 Is it save to update with the sysupdate from MS, or am I missing something Thank you!!!! g
  13. I have exactly the same problem, people can join me (F1 2012) but I can't join others...
  14. Hi Guys, First off all, Thanks FSD for the awesome work, the idea is great. My setup: Fiber connection: 60 mb/s up and down D-link router DIR-655 Ports forwarded 3071, 3072 TCP and UDP FSD version 3.0.402 (obvious) RGH Kernel 14717 Dashlaunch 3.04 (Devlink and PingPatch are enabled) (I read that ALL others have to be deactivated??) Avatar is grey??!! Did the updatespy (created a file and put it in the root of my usb, message: “system is up-to-date All tests pass with the “test†connection When in game I can see the rooms, people and myself. If I look on jqe360 site I can also identify the same users in the room. When I start System Link there the trouble starts, I can’t always see a game to join. But when I do see a game I am not able to join (F1 2012 / Gears of War 3 / MW3). Connection time-out or just the statement that no connection could be made. For each game I have downloaded the latest TU, if the game did not function I deleted the TU and re-dowloaded it. I aso tried each different TU. No effect. I did host a game (F1 2012), people could connect and I could race, so it works But I really like to be able to join games!!! Could be the beta stage….. Can someone help or point me in the right direction?
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