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  1. Yeah, I get that problem too but its not that serious. Instead of choosing 'Freestyle Home' which will crash FSD3, just press 'Y' [Xbox Home] instead and it'll take you back to Freestyle Dash.
  2. Great job on the update, JP. Works flawlessly.
  3. SCRiPTiC

    Link & games

    no, man. only system link games works with LiNK
  4. Yeah, I agree with BL4K3Y. TuT is very n00b friendly. Great work, JP.
  5. hear that?.... nothing... Trinity is silence.

  6. Thanks, my fellow Jerseyean
  7. This is one bad ass theme. Great job.
  8. There's been some issues with players downgrading from Black Ops 2 TU7 to TU6. Here how I manage to fix it. First, I deleted TU7, TU6 or all TUs from Title Update Manager with FSD3, also if you like you can clear cache through Xbox System Settings. Now I connect to my xbox thru FTP [i use FlashFXP] & upload this *working* TU6 to my internal hard drive [hdd1] unfortunately, the TU6 from FSD3 is kinda faulty with Revolution Map Pack. I also have the Black Ops 2 DLC located on the external hard drive [usbMU0] but NOT the TUs. Some say it works with DLC in both locations. But I cant say. Working TU6 for DLC - http://www.putlocker.com/file/73C8057C746CAFF5 *share
  9. SCRiPTiC

    Happy Holidays

    same to you, JPizzle! See you next year, Buddy!
  10. download link wont be available until later on in the week, its mandatory to download update with FSD3, make sure Beta Updates is enabled. Power Off & On once update is completed.
  11. Definitely sound like a mandatory update. Great work, Team
  12. I'm NOT seeing 'F3 Plugin' in settings.... What could I be doing wrong?
  13. Yeahhhh Buddy! Great job, Team FSD & RMS. I'm going to give this a shot right now.
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