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  1. Are you using the default skin or a custom skin ?
  2. JPizzle

    link help

    you have to be in a Systemlink enabled game for the option to become available.
  3. 16767 anyone? The latest builds of XeBuild by Team xeBuild, XeBuild GUI by Swizzy and DashLaunch by c0z have been released with support for the latest update by Microsoft. Click bellow to download these great releases. XeBuild 3.13 XeBuild GUI 2.094 DashLaunch 3.13
  4. V3.13 – add 16756, 16767 – add UTF8 to the ftp FEAT list, improves non-ascii name support – can now place up to 10 title IDs in ini for autofake to enable fakelive at title startup – fix dvd game/video loading from official dash tile – added autocont option (yeah it’s not a network option really, but relies on autofake so its right near it) – changed how contpatch works, added/separated into xblapatch and licpatch (the Lets Try Find The Problem Blindly edition) – made number value entry in installer a little more consistent – added a check to launch.xex for lhelper.xex in flash to prevent E71 error screen – updated built in update server to V3 dash_launch_v3.13.zip
  5. ********* * 2.094 * ********* – Updated: Now using xeBuild 1.13 – Updated: Now using Dashlaunch 3.13 – Updated: Now building 2.0.16767.0 xeBuild_GUI_2.094.rar
  6. Changes: ======== 1.13 - add 16756, 16767 - add 13182 based corona configuration to retail ini - fix a bug that froze file times to a default value for flash files - update kernel patch for XeKeysConsoleSignatureVerification, content signed with a different keyvault (remote signed) will now reply as locally signed (v16747+) - added additional trinity/winchester targets in case they are needed - added noSShdd addon patch for 16767+, with this patch enabled retail drives with a valid security sector will be rejected - experimental patch set for corona hardware issues that require 13182 (16767+) (thanks 15432 and DrSchottky!) - reworked how update mode works on glitch images, it now retains the bootloaders from the console instead of rebuilding from files (making it simpler to update the new corona patches in the future) - added new addon patch 'noSShdd', disables hard drives with a valid security sector (thanks tuxuser!) xeBuild_1.13.zip
  7. Sorry you are correct, I mixed that up. Thank you Gonzo
  8. The Fat32 Filesystem only supports single files sizes of 2GB or smaller and a total drive capacity of 2TB. That is just the way the Filesystem was designed. NTFS does not have these limitations but is NOT currently supported by the Xbox360.
  10. When you're right, you're right!
  11. I would suggest to never use the internal MU as it is actually your NAND. Using this for game saves or FSD or anything really can result in a corrupted NAND.
  12. My problem with you is you come accross very unappreciative and as a bit of an ass. Your so called 'opinions' are more like demands and you think you have the right to message devs and tell them that they NEED to do this and do it this way because that is what you want. Maybe you come across this way because English is not your first language and you dont understand the way the things you say come off. If that is the case then I appologize but if it isnt then you are an ass. I am not the only one that feels this way but I am the asshole of the group that will tell you as it is. Don't think for one second that if you annoy the shit out of us enough you will get your way.
  13. You seem to know everything else.... but you dont seem to know how to comment out a line of code in an ini.....
  14. You want to play online? On Live ?
  15. make sure you are on FSD3 v755 and verify that you can login to the website with you account at xboxunity.net
  16. what does that have to do with this thread ?
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