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  1. Ok, hopefully in right place?? Question, Has anyone any info on unlocked pcb for the x360 dvd marked on back of pcb is a batman logo? Bought on anazon, can't find out if or how to unlack/relock them can't pick them up on my usbpro v2. here's hoping someone can help save me some time or dead money cheers Byte
  2. cheers for the heads up, oh google your such a twitch lol cheers Byte
  3. Hi all, Has anyone used the batman replacement dvd pcb? http://www.aliexpress.com/item/NEW-freedom-pcb-Liteon-DG-16D4S-Drive-Board-FW-9504-with-MT1339E-for-XBOX360-Slim-OEM/1556596804.html can't find out how to read/write to it, can see where lock switch (spi) should be just stuck any help would be great Cheers Byte
  4. have had no luck with samsung D3 3tb drive, used EaseUs partition master 10.1, made 2tb, fat32, primary + leftover as ntfs does not show, however it does give the "drive refreshing" blurb at bottom of screen. Have put 2tb seagate onto same usb 3 controller and it shows first time. made all partitions and formats using EaseUs partition master. made content/0000000000000000 folders and god files load no probs, as soon as i finish clearing other drives will test them, also will try diferent progs to format D3 3tb and retest
  5. got a samsung D3 3tb ext hdd, have split @ 2tb fat32 and rest ntfs, moving 375gb xbla collection on to ntfs partition now will test 2tb as soon as files trabsfer is finished, having to movr stuff around so i can check 1 of the 2tb drives aswell still need to clear out wd 3tb so i can repartition it man it takes ages the bigger the bloody drives get as they say....... to be continued hehe couldn't resist that 1 lol
  6. ok guys, got a 3tb WD purple drive will partition it at 2tb, make primery and fat32 if it don't work have a couple of 2tb seagate hdds, but think 1 maybe on it's way out the other is full of what ever lol don't realy trust them with my iso collection ;0 will report back when i got all my sh*t together cheers Byte
  7. Thanks guys thought 2tb was the limit is there anyway to partition a 3tb and just use 2tb for the xbox? what's the score on this with the xboxone? lol being 48 i guess nobody is going to buy me 1 for xmas haha then again it's black friday in 4 hours
  8. Hi all Ok just a quick question, what is the largest exturnal hdd supported at the moment? i understand that it has to be 1 partition and fat 32, correct? cheers Byte
  9. wow great update guys Will it be able to conect 3tb drives, as long as formated as single drive and to fat 32 ?
  10. I seem to have same probs, User name BytePir8, is taken, have sent password reset. comes to email addy with no probs but when i try to logon i get the logon failed. user name is not the same as email addy is it? help cheers Byte
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    Hi all, Been a lurker for a long time lol time for a quick post. Guys i'm going round in circles How do you get the emu's to show only in emu folder on F3 rev 775? I can only get them to show in homebrew folder. on the drive they are in the My360/emus cheers in advance Byte ps. keep up the good work
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