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  1. did you working on add support for ntfs filesystem with a iso loader ? the only thing what i missing with rgh is the handling of games (iso files) as it is.
  2. i recognized following at my trials. when i plug-in the dual-band usb wlan adapter, the mac address from xbox is unchanged, but the speed change to 300. further, create ad-hoc at xbox itself (under advanced options from network) offers no 802.11n. with built-in wlan only b+g and with usb wlan a+b+g, no n at all. i try at my pc various wlan adapters, 3 available. 2 full size (fritz-wlan, cisco/linksys) and 1 (tp-link) small size. the speed with the full size adapters is equal/similar, with 2-3 mbyte. only with small size adapter the speed decrease, not even 1 mbyte.
  3. all the stuff is in one room. you reach 4-5 mbyte with the built in wlan ? then something is wrong at my setup, or ? the built-in wlan is a draft n usb adapter, but only with 2,4 ghz. the wireless n adapter supports both with 2,4ghz and 5ghz. right ?
  4. i buy a wireless n adapter (with two antennas, official microsoft equipment) to get at my xbox slim 300mbit connection. first of all, wireless adapter is working with slim, although is only released for using with xbox fat. my router shows now 300mbit at the xbox, before 65mbit. my target was to extract the iso files directly to xbox using samba from fsd3. i connect the samba share as network drive at my windows7 pc, which has a wireless n adapter too (=300mbit). my problem is, that the speed is about ~2-3 mbyte/s ?!?! using ftp is the same speed. i tried following without sucess: * change at router (fritzbox 7270v3) the wlan to 5ghz, at my pc too > same speed. * create a ad-hoc network at my pc and connect xbox with my pc > same speed. any idea ?
  5. last question about 16767, fsd/aurora is ready to use with kernel 16767 ?
  6. ok last time i used jrunner. how can i put the option nointmu at the command line using xebuild-gui ? or should i try without the option nointmu to see if its works with the new kernel ? let me ask at other way, how you update a corona 4gb ? 1) backup current flash 16747 with simple nand flasher. 2) create a new flash 16767 (using your guide at homebrew-connection.org). load file > ignore error message > select advanced mode > select disable failsafe > select open parameter > add 4g (& nointmu) > generate image
  7. congratulation & thanks for update of xebuild and dashlaunch to 16767. my next target is update to 16767 with the additional target to remove my problems with the internal memory unit. the new xebuild gui is now support 4gb internal memory without ignore the error messages (is further necessary to edit the command line) ?
  8. 1) only 48 mb of the internal memory (int-mu) is used for flashing. the remaining space is never touched ? 2) no nand flasher is existing to take full 4gb backup ? only with usb nand mmc reader possible. 3) no full dump is existing, but even in case, jrunner/xebuild is only process the 48 mb ? 4) is there a another way to format the int-mu ? i do the last time via nxe dashboard.
  9. see attached picture. not my own picture, grabbed from google. however, this what i mentioned with [3]. the both figures are in color, not grey. my language is german and therefore community, instead of social.
  10. * update * behaviour with unplugged internal hdd: 1) xbox start without any error message 2) i dont see logon user window (user stored at internal hdd) start directly to nxe dashboard 3) under community the both figures is not grey out @swizzy, this answer your question about working avatar data without hdd ? 4) create new user not possible (error message about missing usb storage device appears)
  11. i dont know, i'll check this today evening. in addition: thank you very much for your fast answers, fast support.
  12. i re-apply already the avatar data, with delete of sysext folder, without success. further the figures appears proper, not grey figures. but i observed another strange issue. when i remove the interal hdd, the xbox runs further ?!? because my internal memory (int-mu) is disabled. it looks like that data is located at the int-mu and in use ?
  13. now, my xbox is offline (disconnect from wireless network) and the message box appears further. strange not ?
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