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  1. IllMethods

    Automatic update and dlc downloader

    I got rid of my retail console, and not all of them are backwards compatible on Xbox one
  2. IllMethods

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    Yes, It was working for me the other day also. Now I've had to turn it off.
  3. IllMethods

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    Freestyle can use smb shares so I don't see why you can't directly copy from one to the other, but I am fairly new to RGH
  4. IllMethods

    Automatic update and dlc downloader

    Not if you already own them
  5. It would be good to have a database with all the dlc and updates, so aurora can automatically download and install dlc and updates.
  6. IllMethods

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    I have Freestyle Dash installed for this, since it has native smb and also the ftp side seams more stable. Aurora sometimes hangs some files and need to re queue them, it isn't that bad but it is noticeable when transferring a large amount of files. Currently doing a 2tb one as I write this
  7. IllMethods

    F3 Rev 775

    Aurora is very nice, only thing I'd really want it to have is native smb, but I can't complain. It is beautiful
  8. IllMethods

    Make Aurora Default Dash

    Just open up dashlaunch, in the paths section change the default to aurora, save it, done. Reload Xbox and it will boot Aurora
  9. IllMethods

    Aurora Multidisc support

    I know this is an old topic, but should I disable the disc swap in DashLaunch? Does Aurora handle this itself or do I need to leave this on on DashLaunch? I do have the latest Aurora installed and DashLaunch says to turn it off if using FSD. I don't even have FSD installed anymore
  10. IllMethods

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    Thanks for that, livestrong was the culprit, now my games look all nice and flash I changed the internal drive to a 2tb one then the classics worked so must have been something to do with the old setup. Thanks for the help What about the RSS feed? Every time I try to enable it I get the "Unhandled Exception" and it asks me if I want to restart Aurora, Launch Metro or Try to Continue. It was actually working before I swapped hard drives over
  11. hmmm, I don't know whats wrong with my setup. It works fine in freestyle dash, but if I try to launch in Aurora 7b I get an error but it disappears very quick and it stays on the white xbox splash screen. Any help would be good
  12. It would be great if Aurora had a database to automatically adjust these settings best for each title
  13. I was just about to post a thread like this. It would be really useful if you are someone like me who likes to have multiple consoles and run the games from a server. I use connectx, it would be awesome if you could get it to save the games on the smb share like opl does on ps2. Profile saving on smb would also be a bonus
  14. IllMethods

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    ah ok cool, I was just wondering if it had anything to do with the assets downloading. If I go to details of a game, I don't get all the fancy stuff like market place rating ect. Also, it won't run my Xbox classics games while fs would Sorry, I am new to this but have self modded consoles in the past
  15. IllMethods

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    Really nice to see the 360 community going strong still, I have a question, what are the best dashlaunch settings for Aurora?