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  1. Felida put up this pretty vid, with an example.xzp (you can take the music 'scene' from Felida's tutorial and import and edit that in your custom skin....just make SURE you credit Felida for his hard work [and help]). http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/6990-tut-adding-sound-to-skins/#entry59864
  2. Yeah, Mine does it too, but i've learned over the years, as long as i dont manually hit the power button (i turn off the console with controller) that it wont reset my time until i accidentally hit the power button....
  3. Awesome script idea.....especially like how you separated it. The local coop 4 player games are also in the local-coop script, correct? Or should i compile the 2 together (I dont do 4 player local....but JIC). Maybe im stupid or something, double checked script have the media ids you have in OP, but im missing quite a few (only 10 titles show with this filter), mostly the newer stuff is missing. I'm not good with lua, but i believe i could 'fix' on my own...that site is a little wierd with its sorts.....and was just thinking you'd want the op updated with the games. Will/can pm you the games im adding .... if you would like. LMK, if its needed for both co-op files to show all coop games (like if some 4 player are missing from the 2 player coop scripts.) Am going through to make sure your missing my titles before i post here or PM you (which ever is perferred.) Thanks again, great idea (as some of mine missing are campain coop only, ill make a list tellin which are campain only.)
  4. Sorry, been sick, glad to see it was just an unlock issue....didnt know internal content needed to be unlocked tho. (But I unlock EVERYTHING...LoL). Congrats to the OP and thanks to Felida for fixing!!
  5. Is it crashing or just freezing? Do you have DLC installed? Title Update? A fatal crash usually means you need to update your TU.
  6. WOW, so all the hype is over a remake? LoL...haha... although think im leaning towrards ps4 eventually, but need 2 do my research.
  7. Ok, i kinda figured it out, but have NO clue how to fix...... ;-( Im super-n00b. When you move the 'slides' scene into the bg/wallpaper scene....and upon transitioning pics.....the 'black bar' im seeing is above the pic......took awhile for me to see the faded images below the 'black bar/box' as my CF is there. Ive tried every basic thing i can think of to fix, as it works fine as long as its not in the 'wallpaper/bg' scene. When previewing and reviewing through Xui Tool, everything looks to transition fine. Maybe someone with more experience can help.......Just seems weird that it works fine until moved.. (and im seeing nothing for me to edit to move/resize.....not that i can tell its doing it until on my machine.) I'd really like for both these elements to work together in my skin, the slideshow working with animations on pics. I guess its not a deal breaker, but was hoping someone could help me figure this out.......... Thanks!!
  8. Ok m8, maybe i did something, but just noticed this. when you move your scene into the 'wallpaper' scene, it 'fixes' the animation, but.....ive just noticed when the pics transition, there is a faint square or line showing through the transitioning pics. I swear i didnt see this til last night, but upon trying to fix..it seems i cannot. Does anyone else have this issue? If you dont move the scene, the transitions are smooth, with no lines/boxes showing...but once i move to 'fix' the animations, i get 'bleed through'....i guess. Dont know where its coming from, as nothing is ''there'' in the main.xur. I'll keep playing, but if someone could help me confirm, it'd be appreciated!!
  9. Np m8, no creds needed..i just thank you for sharing your great ideas with us!! Thanks m8!
  10. Ok...dont know why your not using DLC, but your call. What is your problem, loop, black screen, or what? Im still kinda lost on this thread. If its the loop unload the FSD plugin. For DLC to work for me on Dragon Age, i had to use a GoD also, or DLC wouldnt show up. At this point, im at a loss, so dont know which region his game is from, he never stated in OP.......so a 'black screen' is new to me (splash screen loop is common), and i thought ive had just about every issue with this game. Are you running xex? Maybe somehow a file got corrupted.....we need more info then i have black screen....if we are to help (is it the loop or not?!?! LoL).
  11. Awesome!!! I fixed the Animated BG...thought i was stupid for not getting it the first time. Just move your scene into the bg scene, above the original bg...then animation works with your slideshow.....will play with the loop of the first image to see if i can fix, make sure my default is one in the scene or not set. 10 slides? Now i need more pics, LoL! Skin looking good!!! Thanks!!!
  12. Could it be the region not being spoofed? if its 'just' the loop (bioware over and over) then yes, its the FSD plugin, np. But sounds like another issue to me....but i know nothing, LoL.
  13. Ok, if you mean the white/green splash (loading) screen: 1. Extract Skin (.xzp) 2. Open Aurora_Loading.xur with Xui Tool (In the extracted .xzp folder). 3. Edit desired background. 4. Repack (recreate) .xzp file. 5. Transfer to Aurora/skins folder on box, Enjoy!! OR you can download this one I made for you, JIC you dont know skinning. (just the one in the OP with your pic during boot): backgroundSlideshow.xzp(unpacked).zip
  14. Knowing FLAMenIK, he probably got the proper release, just saw a 'changlog' on TD..probably. Never know him to use unofficial builds (in fact he told me to wait for this..LoL)
  15. Yeah, im not on the update yet...and not formatting my drive (in fact all i need is the content folder probably-which i already had for GoDs off external.) But did see that info and know the xbox puts it in hidden so wasnt 100% on that.....so, if /when i update...my box should pick up my external content folder immediately? (If i still have formatted to fat32?)
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