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  1. TheHuster

    Please help Watch dogs Title Update compatibilite error

    Please shaw me how to do it on farcry 4 game ....the game works but update not ...
  2. TheHuster

    watch dogs

    Can you do the seem on farcry 4 a have .xex game work title update not working
  3. TheHuster

    Need help titl update

    I have read this before asking the question here I have a problem updating my game ... my problem is when I play the game with the update ... it gives me an error of this kind ... this game has been updated to an incompatibility version .. Is it possible to solve this problem? I have done everything...my problem like this one her
  4. TheHuster

    Need help titl update

    The game is working well I want to update I downloaded title update 7 form xpg gaming and when running with aurora we get this error .... This game has been updated to an incompatibility version xbox 360 .... I tried to do a patch for the default.xex file using xextool .. did not succeed with the way ...
  5. TheHuster

    Need help titl update

    How can I login to Xbox Live and I have received a ban.....i dont whant to bay KV Far cry 4 does not exist in the unity site....Give me another solution
  6. TheHuster

    Am i the only African

    Am form dz too
  7. TheHuster

    Need help titl update

    Need help for titl update8 farcry 4...I've done everything possible to run the latest update of the game ... but all my attempts fail and always when running the game I get the error message that the update is incompatible with the game ... I tried to work with xex tools and when opening the modified file gives me an error is not clear. I have been searching the Internet for three days but I can not find the solution. Title ID: 555308CA Media ID : 08BF0610 Base Version: 00000002
  8. TheHuster

    [REQ] Far Cry TU# 6

    So....any titl update for this game